Here is a video to give people an idea of how Facebook Live’s can help with promotion. Liz is steadily building a great following with her weekly Lizian Crystals and Incense Shop Facebook page live’s. Anyone who wishes to become a guest on any of our social media platforms can expect to reach a larger audience and customer base. The one below has already reached 350+ people.

And Yes! The live’s do help with promoting The Community’s Well Being Events. Everything we can do to increase the reach of LizianEvents platforms will be used. What is interesting is the relationship between the growing number of video streams and the increase in bookings. So the media connections have become very much part of Community and events promotion.

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Enjoy The Video!

Liz is talking about the use of pendulums. How to select them and also demonstrates the pendulum in use:

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Keep on sharing the articles you read here on LizianEvents News. You really help The Community’s success. And you will also find an increase in the likes, follows and growth of your own media streams. You are two clicks away from making more people aware of you work!

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