Relighting The Spirit by Janine Love – Another fascinating look at life by Janine. Her words are unique and insightful. The power of the message is complemented by simplicity. Great and profound writing.

How do we know when the soul needs repair? Is it possible we don’t realise the winds of time have extinguished the flame of the spirit? Without a spark of spirit we exist in a vacuum of nothingness, drawing in negativity. At some moment a significant issue occurs: and without the light of spirit. The soul snaps like a branch during a stormy night.

A friend speaks a truth that confirms the biggest fear. The surgeon’s words are so frightening the mind refuses to accept the meaning. A manager hands over an envelope you dare not open. I’ve not been through experiences such as these, they are examples written to set the seed of thought. Although, I have witnessed friends dilemmas and tragedies. 

I realised my spirit was subdued and my soul damaged following my father’s death.

He supported friends and family without question. A hard-working man who provided a good home and lifestyle for his mother, brother and me. A life to be celebrated not mourned. Never once did he ask about my work. He intuitively saw through the illusion.

I was reflecting on the purpose of life during the funeral. Before my brother had finished his tribute: I chose to finish with the City. My commute had become a toil. Earnings and bonuses the dream’s of many people could not compensate for the lack of emotional reward. My father’s coffin held a lifetime of work and a retirement of three years.

Trading the markets is about ‘feeling’:

A special intuition that evolves into wisdom: taking years to perfect. It is about watching traders and understanding their strengths and weakness. In time one’s nerve becomes steel. Secrecy and stealth, mindsets of engagement. I now see: When the lens of the mind is focussed on material aspects of life: the spirit and soul become neglected.

In the material world, when the mind is calm, no storm can sink the vessel of wealth. This is why the wealthy win and other’s labour to find success in business. Rather than centre on their wisdom and identity, they copy and follow the method of the successful. Yes! This will work for a time. However, the more someone follows the path of another, the further away from their potentials they become This true wisdom.

Trading Wisdom:

Sell early at near to best price and buy low and in stages. The wise trade with a degree of safety: nothing can touch them! Because successful traders have reserves that are never touched. Adding a percentage of profit each month to accounts already awash with money. They are safe, they use other people’s money and earn their percentage.

What does this mean? It means their perceived wealth is earned from their bonus. A bonus made by using other people’s funds. The wealth arrives from skill and wisdom. The perception is they trade with their own money. It is a subtle life lesson everyone can learn from. I guide you to think about perception and reality. What we wish to see is not what we actually see!

It was time to leave. I reviewed my reserves, healthy and secure. Now to break the news.

One Friday morning valued colleagues were asked to meet for an hour at the ceasing of trading. After pouring the champagne, they were informed I’d be taking a break for about a month. The reason given: “I need some time after my father’s death.” Who could argue? This was the last time I’d see them, no regrets.

The reasons for the turnaround were numerous, although my feelings are surmised in the following paragraph:

When there is a loss, it is the dumb investor who fills the shortfall. Poor investors with no understanding of the ways of the trading floor are easy prey. Offer the trader a lump sum, and he’ll attempt to give the best return if he fails the ‘dumb investor’ picks up the bill. Greed is the reason for foolish investment. More foolish are individuals who think they understand the markets. Inevitably fingers will be burned to the bone. A day or a decade the furnace of ruin awaits the amateur. I had become weary of the system.

Conscience is not the reason the journey came to an end. Each man is his destiny. This decision is made because I’d become tired of greed, foolish people and arrogance. I begin to feel humanity is lacking in creativity and purpose. Compensation for lack of ambition is, as you know material objects. People are afraid to enjoy being poor or without possession. They buy on credit to give an illusion of wealth. 

It is fair to say: “What do you know of poverty and debt Janine?” I own my home, have a surplus of money and a decent-paying but mundane occupation. This position allows me to speak from my heart. I do not need your money, friendship or recognition. There is no need to be liked or loved. All who meet or speak to me would assess me as poor. The reserves allow me to live as I want. 

For all of my wealth: I know of poverty: The poverty of a broken spirit and numb soul. This reflection is about taking difficult choices and making the right choices, not compromises.

My father said: 

“With nothing – everything has value. With everything, we lose sight of worth”. I’ve thought about the meaning of this sentence for over fifty years.

One interpretation:

“Within the being, there is a spirit surrounded by a soul. They are unseen, with no value, no price. With nothing, we enter into the self and discover who we are, and this is when we have everything.” 

Self Discovery:

I purchased a bike and travelled north by train. Destination Durham. Some hours sitting in the cathedral sets the purpose of the break. Over the following weeks, I ride along the coast road. Exploring, swimming and finding peace. The first two weeks were hell, aching muscles and bones. There is no sacrifice to comfort, each evening a small guest house, or hotel becomes a place of rest. Expensive Rohan clothes fulfilled the promise of wash and dry overnight. Four weeks become five and then six.

The North East became an area of transformation. A journey of self-discovery had begun. Inevitably, the return to London had to be made. Later that year I became a shelf-stacker. The work is mundane and easy, I enjoy giving the very best. It is simple, does not trouble the mind and keeps me fit. I believe my work colleagues ‘like’ me, although, I keep myself out of any debate.

Within my simple life – I have everything.

Janine Love


  1. Brilliant, Janine, very inspiring, I hope one day our paths cross as I find your philosophy on life brilliant. I could read your words all day, thank you for posting I look forward to your next submission, kind regards Rick Paul.

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