Rivers of Life

Nottingham exists because of the river Trent. As with many cities, the initial dwellings were made on or close to a river. And it is the river which bought trade to the medieval village: which became a city of 337000 people. Clearly a great number of residents. And Nottingham enjoys a thriving and diverse community. People from every corner of the world live here, and they contribute to the beautiful tapestry of the city’s culture.

Of course, not all is perfect! Many still harbour fond memories of the Raleigh cycle factory, Player’s tobacco factory and the many Nottingham lace producers for which Nottingham is famous. And the number of people who still talk about the loss of the old ‘Slab Square’ does not decrease.

I see The Well Being Brand as like the city! And the river is the many people, ideas, businesses, therapists, retailers and spiritual beings who flow by the enterprise. Some stop on the banks and stay, and others pass by to seek new places to thrive. And the flow never ends: new ideas and people will all see the Well Being Events as they pass by: and the memory will never be forgotten. And it is interesting: many who have visited in the past are now returning to reexplore the possibilities available to them.

Many Visitors explore the Well Being Events and keep fond memories of their experience. And they talk about their interactions with the many Community Members who thrive in the marketplace. Going home with memories of spiritual guidance, relaxed from a healing therapy, bags laden with fair-traded gifts.

A Well Being Market thrives because of the diversity of the stands. And there is a constant flow of new Community Members joining in with the active and thriving marketplace. And as the years have passed there are more people becoming aware of the events and how they are connected by hundreds of people. Over the coming months and years, the connections will increase and the markets will be known countrywide. One should have no doubt, this is the intention of all the people involved in the Well Being Markets. Because they are coming to realise the incredible potential of what they have created and what they are making at this time.

The Community

We come to realise, that a Well Being Market thrives because of the Community that stand. And the Visitors see a place where they can enjoy the things they love. They enjoy the freedom of choice, the off the wall way of thinking, the diversity of concepts. For example sound baths, alternative therapies, incredible talk presentations, difficult to find products, and above all the connection of kind and like-minded people. This is the power of Community.

Over the last year: the Community have stayed focused on the objective of the Well Being Markets. And in certainty, we have only scratched the surface of the potentials available. There is a long way to go before the Well Being Brand is established to such a degree, that the mention of the two words will immediately reference The Community’s Well Being Events. But, this IS the objective. And Ian and I are proud of the intention. And so are most of the Community, because they realise that our almost tribal connection is the way to unified success.

The Past

Many people hold onto the past. For example, The Raleigh factory, Player’s tobacco, Nottingham Lace, and the old and beautiful ‘Slab Square’. In the same way, many still hold onto the old spirit shows. There is nothing wrong with this, nostalgia holds wonderful memories of great achievement and happiness. But we have to move on and accept the changes that are made and accept that movement happens for a reason. And it is sometimes difficult to see that the flow of change is like a river. Sometimes we’ll not agree and fight against something which is, in reality, beyond our influence. Unfortunately, there are attitudes that attempt to undermine the progress of evolution and the use of certain mindsets in an attempt to change opinion. Once the change is recognised and accepted one can move on to a bright future. Resistance slows the process down.


Nina Roberts wrote the best book on the concept of spiritual reality: her book ‘It’s Not All Love and Light: A Journey Through the Dark to Self Awareness’ considers the idea that the spiritual path can conflict with the reality of situations. It seems to me that when we hold the highest of intention; magic happens. And The Community that work together with the Well Being Brand are working in unison and with the highest intention. This is why great and growing numbers of Visitors have an interest in The Community’s work and are coming to the Well Being Markets.

And many Visitors are ‘feeling the vibe’! commenting on the positive attitude and kindness of all involved in every event. Understanding the energy of the desire for unified success is a potent force that should not be underestimated. If the intention is sound, the results will be good!


The bookings for all events is excellent. 2022 is going to be an exceptional year. We are seeing and enjoying growth in every avenue of The Community’s endeavours. We should expect to see growth in Visitor numbers and diversity in Community’s genre. The river which flows by the Well Being Brand is bringing success and awareness of The Community’s work. Of course, there will be slight changes as the months pass by! But accept them as beneficial and making the enjoyment of the events better and having greater appeal to a wider spectrum of Visitors.

Keep on sharing your work. Use LizianEvents Facebook Group to your advantage. Consider being part of a LizianEvents Facebook Live or recording a Podcast. The conduits of promotion are extensive: they enter the river of awareness and success which flows to the estuary of wisdom and knowledge.

Enjoy You Week

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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