LizianEvents is pleased to announce it now offers ‘Live-Streaming facilities for third parties.

LizianEvents now offer live streaming facilities for outside events. Covering everything from small corporate meet-ups, seminars and to large business conferences. Weddings and social gatherings can also be recorded and streamed.

Full broadcast transmission quality is assured with the latest professional grade Blackmagic equipment. In the broadcast, including wirelessly connected cameras up to eight cameras can be used. Sound is monitored using Sennheiser microphones and transmitters. Everything from softbox lighting to greenscreen facilities is available. With ‘Netgear 5G’ connections, the live streams seamlessly cover a worldwide audience.

modern video camera under shiny lamps in studio

Corporate and events streaming is a logical addition to the LizianEvents business. Camera operators, desk engineers and studio managers can be bought into more significant events. We have established links with audio visual specialists who will work with us during the broadcasts.

black camera recorder

Many events require a presenter, and LizianEvents can arrange for a specialist present to be the ‘master of ceremonies. Having a professional presenter can make the event work smoothly. The producer works closely with the client to produce a professional seminar or video event. From a two hour internationally distributed workshop to a whole week corporate event, we have access to media professionals who make the live stream a magical memory.

Video Production

photo of men holding camera

LizianEvents now has the facilities to produce online courses. These are highly profitable enterprises. Yes, there is a significant investment of time for the course tutor. However, magic can happen if the subject is of interest and the tutor has the talent. Do not confuse a professionally produced course with an individual talking to the camera. Tutors can expect productions with real impact. The system will be more than a series of patched together videos. Students will be impressed with the visuals, film within film, outside recording, studio recording, stills, graphics, and whatever it takes to make fantastic and exciting courses.


This is an exciting development for LizianEvents. One which fits perfectly within the brand and its remit. LizianEvents are never afraid to make significant investments to make the brand stronger. The use of visual media is essential to the promotion of Well Being + Pure Spirit Shows. And as the next year unfolds maybe other events will be part of the show calendar?

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