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A gong bath is a sound therapy. Gongs are designed to give a therapeutic sound or frequency resonance. Gong bath should be interpreted: ‘You are immersed in gentle and therapeutic sound waves.’

It is now accepted that gentle sound therapy has the most beneficial effects on our physical and mental wellbeing. When listening to the sound, we evoke changes in brain waves. This is why music has such a powerful effect on our emotions. In the long term, songs and musical pieces stay with us for a lifetime. However, subtle gong frequencies not only remain within the memory.

Sound is directly related to meditational practices, from gently reciting mantras to humming and singing bowls. Many people in the spiritual world recommend sound baths to connect to our inner-being. When enjoying a sound bath session with Richard, you may choose to centre on meditation or go with the resonance of the sound.

There is no surprise that Richard has hundreds of returning clients. And he sells many hundreds of his Gong Bath recordings. He has become one of the Uk’s best-known sound bath instrumentalists, working every day at his purpose built studio. Meet Richard at every one of The Well Being Shows and enjoy a fantastic session.

Being bathed in sound is a fantastic experience, no wonder it has become so popular. Find out more by listening to this interview. In the recording, Richard talks about the gongs and how they are used. The first three minutes of the recording are of the gongs being played.

Enjoy the sound and interview:

Richard Gong Bath: LizianEvents

Thanks to Richard Hissitt for his demonstration and time.

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