Newcastle Well Being Show

Let’s make no mistake: this show looked as if it would be a tough event. During the latter part of the week, we were plagued with exhibitors who, for various genuine reasons, had to pull out of the show. In truth, I did not think we would be able to provide a superb show that visitors were used to enjoying.

How wrong could I be! Although the stand numbers were down, the Visitor numbers were very much UP from earlier in the year. And they stayed for the whole day, with many promising to return today (Sunday). I am overwhelmed with gratitude to every one of the people who saw the challenges and grasped the nettle. Those who have exhibited this weekend have reaped a harvest far greater than could possibly be expected.

I am humbled by the support and enthusiasm for the show and the wonderful people who have made this a superb, quality event. To all of you, I guarantee that you will not regret your faith in the show and the Well-Being brand. I have already decided to reward you with a stand discount on this event in 2024.

And we must thank the good number of visitors who attended the show yesterday. When I saw the talk areas with full attendance and some visitors sitting on the floor to listen to the presentation. I knew we’d overcome the issue of a ‘slow show’ last time around. And the following is growing. As Richard Hissett said to me this morning, ‘At least 60% of visitors are returning from previous shows.’

I’m looking forward to a steady show today, and I know we will all be returning home with a great feeling of accomplishment.

Thank You My Friends,

Liz Clark ~ MD LizianEvents

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