Last week has been one of reflection. After the fantastic success of The Newcastle Well-Being Show, I’m looking forward to the final Well-Being show of the year at Lincolnshire Showground’s Epic Centre.

No one can doubt the attraction of this event. Sixty talks ~ The Yoga Studio and over 100 attending Community Members must be the finest line-up in the Well Being Show genre.

All who attend this show will enjoy the most fantastic Well-Being experience. To be part of this event will surely be something which will stay in our memories for a very long time. A real buzz is happening from the early booking and the incredible countrywide interest from potential exhibitors.

Never have we enjoyed so much variation in visitor attractions. There is a healthy mix of readers, retail and therapists. Our visitor base covers a greater spectrum because of the variation. Time and again, Community Members comment on the new faces, the wide age gap and the amount of single male attendees.

Visitors travel countrywide to attend a Well Being Show. However, The Lincolnshire event attracts people from a significantly greater radius than our other events. People travel from Kent, Oxfordshire, Liverpool and Wales to enjoy the show.

Many make a whole weekend of Lincolnshire Well Being Show. There is so much to enjoy. The talks scheduled this year will number over sixty. And Philip’s Yoga Studio has gone from being well-attended to fully booked! A small but well-appreciated stage area, looked after by Carol, is soon fully booked! A visitor could easily enjoy just one of the attractions for the whole event. However, a busy trading floor, talks galore, live performances and Yoga combine to produce a series of superb memories.

The caterers know precisely how to keep the visitors well-fed. Veggie vegan diners are well-catered. And a good range of carnivore food is part of the dining. Everything from a cup of tea and cake to a full hot meal is available. And, if you wish to bring your food and eat in the dining area, go for it! No one will complain.

A Few Words About Newcastle

I have had a busy week catering for hundreds of people. I confess to being tired early in the week. But nothing could take away the immense feeling of accomplishment that the attending Community members attained over the previous weekend. My weekend began on Thursday afternoon after a busy week. The drive was fortunately without holdups, and I landed at my first stop at eight in the evening. The weekend began early on Friday and at the racecourse before eight.

And so did the messages of apologies. I had a barrage of ‘unable to attend’ messages earlier in the week. And the ones hitting my phone on Friday became very trying indeed. However, Richard, Norma, Rob and Paul made some significant contributions and offered different opinions on how we could set up the floor with a seriously depleted attendance. They were terrific, thank you, my friends.

Some close associates asked if I felt ‘let down.’ My answer is, ‘I have seen incredible loyalty, and this is all that matters.’ However, I assure all readers I will repay that loyalty tenfold in 2024. From the centre of my heart, there is love for all who supported and knew the situation and stayed with the show.

As we know, those who remained enjoyed mostly complete talk areas and received recognition and respect from the hundreds of people who visited. And be clear, hundreds of people came through the doors. Nothing could ensure my belief in the Well-Being Show’s Community more than last weekend’s experience.


Although I have written about the incredible potential of The Lincolnshire Well-Being Show, I have to make this final reflection ~ Last weekend’s Newcastle Well-Being Show was our finest hour.

Bless All Who Attended.

Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents Ltd

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