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The Lighthouse Guides Us All
The Lighthouse Guides Us All

There is an imperative need to encourage new visitors to the shows, and we begin by changing the ways visitors see us. LizianEvents is a platform which goes beyond venue rental and recycling old ideas. I will not ignore the problems, I will face them head on and make the changes needed so as the shows begin to thrive. I will demonstrate my commitment to exhibitors and visitors alike by constant evolution.

This text is the basis for the Visitors Page on our website.

Why Visit a Well-Being Show?

There once was an esoteric shop in Nottingham called ‘Alternatives.’ The owner sold crystals and taught Reiki; he is a pleasant human. I write of the shop because of its name; ‘Alternatives,’ and if there is one reason to visit a well-being show, the word provides the answer. A day or two days spent at the show will open the visitor’s mind to different ways of looking at life’s perspectives. In a mundane to Friday existence; reviewing and thinking about other people’s ideas can turn our lives around.

Let us consider those who take pleasure in castigating the exhibitors and visitors. Some people claim it is impossible to predict the future and regularly spend ten pounds a week with the lottery, gamble on horses and take chances on the stock market. All three examples are within the realms of future speculation. Others claim to spend money on crystals and crystal set jewellery is a waste of money, and yet they will happily spend 3000 on a Rolex or a one-carat diamond. And what about the individual who derides the Reiki Master, Reflexologist or Healer? Their faith in fast food, tobacco, and alcohol seems to have more sinister implications. The fact is we all have different ideas and opinions and if we decide to investigate ‘Alternatives’ and it brings us pleasure, who is to stop us following our path? One final comment; it always seems the ‘knocker’ has the loudest voice and the open-minded individual the kindest.

The visitor will discover many of the exhibitors are highly educated and formally qualified people. Over the years exhibitors have included people with doctorates, and many have one or more degrees. The range of degrees is extensive from psychology to geology. Many supremely intelligent individuals have graced the floor of the shows. The visitor who believes she is visiting a circus will be disappointed. We have teachers, business executives and best-selling authors. Exhibitors include scientists who embellish spiritual ideas and one or two crazy people we all love.

At one time the main attraction was fortune tellers, the scene has changed very much since then. Many of the ‘readers’ have excellent counselling qualifications and possess incredible insight into the human psyche. Do not forget, the ‘reader’ interacts with hundreds of people during their career, and their knowledge has a foundation in reality, not, as many assume in speculation. The old days of cat and mouse interaction are long gone. A reading today has become a deeply rewarding interaction. Many people find solace and comfort in a ‘reading’ and leave the venue with a new perspective on their situations. There are mediums and psychics who provide interesting insights into the spirit realms; many visitors are impressed with the quality, depth, and breadth of their readings.

Today the emphasis is on alternative and complementary therapies. Many visitors enjoy two or even three treatments. If the need is to find calm and relaxation our therapists can give the very best experience. The visitor can experience a head massage and finish with a sublime Reflexology session. If your desire is to be pampered and cared for, the therapists will fulfill this need. Many of our exhibitors have worked in their field for many years; they are experienced and knowledgeable. Visitors often try a taster session and continue to a full treatment. Many return time and again revisit the experience. A newcomer to the events will soon learn the therapists do not make false or extraordinary claims; it becomes evident the therapists have the highest standard of professionalism.

There are many retailers at the events; the visitor will discover unusual and good quality products. From silver jewellery and crystals to incense, clothing, and books the visitor will not be disappointed in the range of goods available. There is something special about talking to a retailer who has travelled the world to source their merchandise. Do not forget when making a choice during the show you are not purchasing from an unknown PLC. You are entering into a transaction with a retailer who genuinely cares that his customer receives an excellent product with superb service. We have author tables where best-selling and well-respected writers talk about and sell their publications. When you read a book after talking to the writer, it seems to have a greater impact; there is a deeper understanding of the information being read.

We encourage food supplement suppliers at our shows, although it is suggested that the visitor researches the products before coming to the show. New legislation has changed the way our exhibitors can promote their products. Many excellent products cannot be fully explained because of the new restrictions. Thankfully, there is still plenty of information available on the internet about the benefits of supplements and extracts. An hour of research will provide the knowledge needed to make a decision.

During a show, the visitor can listen to a variety of talks. Attendees will discover a diversity of ideas and opinions. We can learn much from an insightful 45-minute talk and very often one idea can give us a different outlook on any subject. Be open-minded, respect the presenter and listen to the whole of the talk to get the best from it.

Why visit a Well-Being event? The answer is the word ‘alternative.’  In a world where people are pushed and formed into societies moulds, our shows demonstrate some people are prepared to push the boundaries and seek other viewpoints. We are not claiming miracles or magic; the well-being scene has moved a long way away from the old image. There is still a connection to the past, although our exhibitors are firmly committed to the future. The answer can be found in this thought ‘When a human offers the possibility of an alternative, the intelligent will think about the potentials of the idea.’

The price of entry is £3-00 for Lincoln, Newark, and Cheltenham; the visitor will certainly discover this is excellent value for money. An entertaining and fascinating day out for anyone who believes in an alternative outlook on life.

Enjoy your visit to the show.

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