Interesting Observation – I was surprised when Ian predicted a fall in readers from Thursday onward.

He said:
‘I predict next week’s figures will only be around one hundred to one-fifty a day: If we are lucky.’

And sure enough, his prediction is accurate. Reader numbers on LEN have fallen this week, and I anticipate a similar trend next week. Are we disappointed? No, the posts do not appeal to everyone. After all, mental health is a tricky subject. And if you are not a victim why read about the opinions of others?

I suppose it is because mental illness is still a taboo subject for many people. Over the years they are serving customers at LizianShop a few people have given cause for concern. The lady who bought two hundred incense sticks week to keep away spirits. And the person who was convinced an occult group cursed her.

Initially, the feeling is they have a fixation: soon the realisation is they should seek professional help. I would sooner close the customer by saying: ‘Why don’t you talk to your doctor?’ Rather than just humouring their issue. It would have been easy to continue to sell incense to the lady who fared spirits as the more practical course would be to sell the additional twenty pounds worth of sticks each week. My conscience would not allow money to overrule morals. In both cases, the customer was lost.

It is because they are frightened to talk to the professional. The fear stems from the idea the treatment could be more horrific than the disease. There are a few more examples encountered over the years. However, two are enough to force the point. By the nature of our store, we attract people seeking help. We are limited to offering support and kind words, and sometimes this is enough.

When Ian suggested, our reader figures would fall he showed no concern. Typical of his humour he laughed at the prospect.

‘We have to move out of the safe zone and demonstrate we are dedicated to the essence of The Well Being Shows. It is important to give The Community visibility and continue to write about the shows and promotions. Of paramount importance is to produce and publish articles about aspects of well being. This is why we are testing the 5:2 diet, and soon we’ll be reviewing ‘fast fitness’. The slight shift of information may lose a few daily readers. However, it will expand the reach of LizianEvents News.’

Imagine my delight when two submissions arrive in the inbox. Both are very personal views of mental illness. No doubt in my mind they are potent insights into dealing with and being part of mental illness. I wonder if they will attract many readers over the years. The second thought is; two people have taken time to help other people, by providing a personal experience of mental illness.

So we lose a few readers. If we lost all of you and helped someone in despair: then it is mission accomplished.

Enjoy Your Week


Liz Clark


  1. As somebody who has had there fair share of battles with the black dog I can proudly say that I came through it and would come through it again if it presents itself again, it has armed me with a set of skills because I KNOW what it feels like. I will always do my utmost to help those who seek out my advice and counsel because I have a wealth of experience to draw upon. Sometimes just having someone there who understands and supports you is the catalyst for change. Bright blessings to you all Rick.

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