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Kevin Doe
Kevin Doe

The Aura is an energy field which surrounds our bodies. It can be photographed using a specialist camera, and the image can be recorded on a Polaroid Film. This is one of the most effective ways of being able to view the colours of our energy field we call The Aura. To correctly interpret the colours requires an in-depth understanding of the psychological influence of colour. The interpretation also demands hands-on experience of analysing many hundreds of images. Experience grows with confirmation of the assessments and interpretations accuracy.

The first stages of learning how to interpret our colour fields require a firm understanding of colour psychology. Because, the Aura is a direct reflection of our Physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual balance. Dr Max Luscher, Theo Gimbel and Rudolf Steiner all made major contributions to the influence of colour and how we reacted to it. Luscher discovered certain associations between colour choice and states of mind. Once we have a clear understanding of the inference of a colour choice, then an experienced person can explain incredible insights revealed by the Aura Photograph.

Take into account three factors 1) The specialist camera 2) An in-depth understanding of psychological influences of colour and 3) Experience. This trio will give an insightful and fascinating interpretation of the image. However, if you add two more ingredients. Which are two excellent qualifications as a Psychotherapist and Counsellor, what is the result? The answer is, the analysis becomes a unique experience. Kevin Doe fulfils every one of these criteria. This combination is why he respected as a leader in Aura Interpretation.

An Interpretation
An Interpretation

We ask Kevin some questions: “How can an Aura Interpretation help your client?”

Kevin: “I’m fortunate to enjoy every aspect of my work. After years of working in this field, I realise every reading add’s a little more knowledge. Today, I gain much pleasure in reading the colours surrounding our body. Being able to work backwards in time and suggest areas of influence or historical backgrounds which have shaped a client’s life; is an attractive proposition. As we review the information, I can offer cathartic understating of my client’s intentions. I feel if we learn to understand ourselves at a deeper level, then we can make healthy and informed decisions for our future. We are the total of our experiences to date, so if we trust in what we know, and learn to be courageous in our lives actions, we will achieve our goals.”

Question: “How do your formal Qualifications help with your work?”

Kevin: “My psychology and councilling qualifications are not needed in every interpretation! Many clients are interested in what the Aura reveals, and indeed some people are ‘testing me’. Do not think everyone has problems or difficulties which they cannot cope with; this is far from the case. In readings, I could comment that a particular colour is an indication the client is neglecting their emotional intuition. And when they acknowledge this, it allows them to refocus on the area of neglect. This is one example, there are hundreds of permutations, we are all different. Don’t think for a minute; my work is solely focussed on difficulty and issues. We see areas which we can take pleasure from; colour interpretation acknowledges many of our assets and inner strengths.”

Question: “Do the colours of the Aura change.”

Kevin: “Of course! The Aura changes subtly and sometimes completely! If we are fortunate to have a reference – by which I mean an earlier Polaroid or Printout – we can compare the two. It is important to remember, the correct interpretation is essential. For example, one image may show different colours from another, only by having extensive experience can the inference of the change be made. The changes can indicate progression and restrictions. In fact, there is no bad interpretation, even a difficult observation is a lesson and can, and most often does, benefit the client.”

Kevin has worked with hundreds of clients. He has worked alongside some of the UK’s leading Mediums including Derek Acorah and Tony Stockwell. He was co-presenter of the well received ‘Angel Experience Live’ which achieved 600+ audiences. Kevin is a superb presenter and performer. Did I write performer? Yes, you may recognise his face and voice, he has appeared in many speaking presentations for National Geographic, TV Dramas, Discovery Channel, BBC Costume Dramas.

Kevin Doe is a fascinating and intelligent man who cares about his work. He is a consummate professional in anything he does. Second best is not acceptable, his qualifications, dedication to learning and understanding is quickly acknowledged when you meet him. His beginnings are as humble as can be, his respect for humans and our planet is without a doubt.

Respect for our Planet? Kevin worked in the field of conservation for 23 years. His company planted more than a million trees and shrubs. This work was dedicated to the creation of natural habitat in the countryside. What better evidence would we need? Spiritual Awareness. A dedication to the highest standards of attainment. Excellent profession qualifications. Caring for the planet and nature, what other reason do you need to spend a few minutes in the company of a unique man.

Mr Kevin Doe – HNFSH. MBACP.

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