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In the Audience
In the Audience

It has been a few months since the publishing of Rick Paul’s first Community Profile. It is time to update readers on his progress. I will remind you; Rick attended Simon Goodfellow’s highly respected Spiritual Awareness Course. Simon commented that he came through this intensive and rewarding course with flying colours. It was no surprise to discover Rick decided to work with the public as soon as possible after Simon’s tuition.

Simon comments about his former student: 

‘Rick shows us what can be achieved with hard work and dedication. We have to show commitment and integrity to our guides to succeed as a Spiritual Medium; Rick understands this, and he also knows the importance that ‘Healing’ is the priority when working with clients. The journey to Awareness requires us to meditate on the lessons of spiritual guidance, when we do this, inevitably the gates of enlightenment will open. One of the lessons is to realise it is a great responsibility to help a stranger with spiritual, emotional, and worldly issues, and it is a difficult task. Every time we work on a mediumistic level our guides test our integrity. Because, only when we work from the highest of spiritual value, will our guides help us in our work. It is evident Rick has understood this from the way he is progressing with his work. I follow Ricks progress and am proud to see his success. I do not doubt his future recognition will be as an exceptional Spiritual Medium. During my workshops, I teach one of the important methods of spiritual attainment, which is, to listen, learn, meditate, and practice, and make your work your own; Rick has followed this approach to his advantage. We should accept, because of his dedication to his work, Rick can call himself ‘Spiritual Medium.’

Rick continues to work diligently to nurture his gift and professionalism. He is already making excellent progress to the future. For example, It is a sign of his ability that he utilises his gift to make significant choices for his career. To evidence this, the reader should consider a series of events which indicate Ricks gift is very potent indeed.

As regular readers will know, the five years (and twelve-weekend events) we organised Market Rasen was focussed on new exhibitors and those who desired to find their feet at Well Being shows. Many succeeded, and a few decided the work was not for them. The concept and ethos stay with us to this day, although we do not consider those who attend the shows as clients, we know them to be the Community. In fact, the shows are owned by the community, and I should comment, it is gratifying the majority of the community have come to accept this as the reality.

Rick booked to read at our Market Rasen Event in May. And at the same time, an opportunity had been put to us by Annie and Martin, and because of this change to our plans, it was decided to make a difficult choice. We canceled the Rasen Show. There were community members who had booked and paid for their place, so we offered them a refund or a table at the Lincoln Show. Fate had placed Rick at a crossroads early his career. Liz asked him: ‘Do you want the want the opportunity to stand at Lincoln?’ he replied ‘Why not? In at the deep end.’ His inner-being guided him to grasp the moment. And what a show he had, I know he enjoyed the experience as did his clients.

After the Show, I talked to one of Rick’s clients, a personal friend of many years. ‘He was fantastic Ian; it wasn’t only the information, it was the caring and empathy of the reading which impressed.’ My friend is a spiritual man who has followed the path of enlightenment for most of his life; Alan has traveled the World in pursuit of ‘Awareness.’ He would not make this comment without it being accurate and truthful.

Incidentally, the feedback received from the Lincoln Show was full of surprises, time after time, visitors sent congratulations and thanks, we received no complaints after the event. The comments about our Community seemed to indicate the Epic Centre was for 48 hours a Universe full of shining stars.

With Lincoln now over, Rick asked if we had a place at our Nottingham Show. Now, consider this, we are usually fully booked for Readers at our events, and there is a waiting list. Even though Rick was aware of this situation, he insisted we should put him on the list. One week before the show, a community member dropped out with short notice; our ‘reserves’ had other arrangements. So, Rick was right to insist on being on the list, and he attended the show. It seems he enjoyed a busy and productive weekend. In fact, visitors asked him if he would return. The places are always taken up early in Nottingham, it is a small venue and is becoming very popular. It seemed unlikely for him to be able to attend for a second time without a considerable wait for his name to appear at the top of the list. Again circumstances have ruled in his favour, and he will return to Nottingham in October. Fluke or Happy Circumstance? You decide, but review the sequence of events leading up to the two Shows. Many people, once they know of the waiting list do not follow up and register their interest. Rick, insisted he be put on the list, this is an interesting observation.

There is an another dimension to this essay.

Those who follow this daily ‘News’ will know of our desire to give our Community Members every opportunity to promote their work and ideas. We asked Rick if he would be prepared to give a talk about his journey, and the gift of being a Spiritual Medium at the Nottingham Show. He agreed to do so, after the talk the reception from his audience was brilliant. If there were any doubting his ability, it was dissolved during his hour in the lecture room.

Four definitive moments, each one an important choice which will probably be seen as cornerstones of Ricks future: –

Completing Simon Goodfellow’s Spiritual Awareness Course.
Deciding to book for Market Rasen and then attending Lincoln.
Insisting on booking for Nottingham.
Finally a ‘Yes’ to a daunting opportunity to talk to an unknown audience.

This writer suggests, Rick Paul must be using the highest of inner awareness to make choices spontaneously. From insisting upon being placed on the list, to finally working with an audience. Every choice is proven to be the right decision. No wonder Rick is moving ahead with swiftness and already building his reputation.

We, like Simon, follow his progress, and it is fascinating to see his commitment to the future. Total interaction with his Social Media, sharing of his gifts and sharing the work of others. He is generous to his fellow Spiritual Mediums and cultures strong relationships and friendships with all of our community. He utilises every opportunity we offer on our social media platform. He understands the importance of Community and knows with certainty the shows are the community.

During a short conversation during the LizianEvents Nottingham Show: Rick comments ‘I see the future in my Mediumistic abilities.’ This writer does not doubt it, and if the last few months become a gauge, there will be many more words to be written about Rick Paul.

Rick is one of sixty-five+ members of our Community. It is heartwarming to see the way each member is beginning to work together to become part of OUR success. Rick is not the only member of our Community who fully understands the founding ethos of our Events. And those within our Community who take advantage of our strong promotional platforms will also benefit themselves and OUR Community. I have no problem with writing this final comment, if you wish to succeed, you must be dedicated to your chosen path. Our social media, this ‘Events News’ and our website attracts many visitors, and the numbers are growing, use it to your advantage.

Many Thanks to Simon Goodfellow for his contribution to this article, and of course to the dedication of Dave Harper who helped with the interview and the accuracy of the information.

Simon’s popular courses can be accessed here: – ) LINK To Simon’s Website

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