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Varied Community
Varied Community

This will be a short essay and a resume of the last week events. After this essay, there will be no more mention of the Newark Well Being Show. This article is brief because producing the timelines to Simon Goodfellow, Rick Paul, and John Richardson’s Videos, and working through the Nottingham Trowell and Lincoln Well Being Shows Talk and Workshop schedule take priority and consume available time.

Not only this, we have numerous new Community Profile’s to edit. Yes, our Community numbers are growing, the Nottingham Show is fully booked, and it looks certain the Lincoln Show will have the ‘Full House’ of sixty-five Community Members. Fifty-One booked and eight are awaiting confirmation of the booking forms. So six more Community Members to join us and we have a full house.Working in unison, we have a phenomenal group of members who will provide a spectacular day or weekend for our visitors.

We will implement changes based upon the heavy email, and site traffic received this week. It must be written, a 100% support for our Community is evident from the received correspondence. In fact the waiting list for all three genres: therapies, retail and readers has increased. If you are considering becoming part of the Community, make yourself known. The criteria are diversity and professionalism. Remember we are totally ‘Community Driven’, and many people love the Ethos. It is the Ethos which appeals to most of those who ask for information and dates.

Writing about dates, we will put up the 2018 dates at the end of September, and we will list those who have already booked on the 2018 Events Pages on the News and WebSite. Many Community Members are already in possession of the dates, and many have either shown an interest or booked. We can continue to build the momentum, and there is no doubt the Shows will become a date in the calendar which will not be missed. As we continue to work together and forge ahead, the awareness of our work cannot fail to be missed.

The word awareness is one Liz, and I are very conscious of, and therefore we have ordered 10000 A6 flyers and 500 A4 posters for distribution in the accepted radius of 25 miles of the Lincoln Show. We have never made headway with the post outs, even so, we will mail out another 1000 cards to those on our postal mailing list. Consistent pushing on social media connections is working for us today. We have decided to take a calculated risk with email promotion and increase the email-outs to two per week. Finally, the promise of weekly videos presented by Liz will come to fruition as of next week.

I need more information about Community Members for profiles and News Articles. There is also a need for those of you who wish to present talks at the Well Being Shows; to send in your talk information. If you have an idea for a paid WorkShop, send it in, and we can speak about promotions and dates.

That’s it for today. Thank- You for your input and ideas. Time to forge ahead and build our Community into a hive of mutual and unified success.

See You Tomorrow


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