As the visitor walks through the show, there is an inclination to try or experience an alternative therapy session. Be it Reiki, aromatherapy, spiritual healing or massage; over thirty per cent of The Community is Alternative healers or therapists. The suggestion is offered: Someone who has travelled tens of mile to the show and ignores the possibility of finding solace in a half hour session may miss the most significant turnaround of their Well Being.

Two hundred years ago people went to barbers to be ‘Bled’ the legacy of today’s medical professionals are, leaches, ingestion or injection of mercury for disease or amputation of limbs without disinfectant. In fact, the surgeons of only 125 years ago dismissed the idea of infection as nonsense.

Our Healing Community would never degrade the immense potency of modern medicine. In certainty all of us have benefitted from the Health Service and its incredible healing ability, from stitch, broken limb, to cure for a nightmare, if it is denied, there is an illusion. Ok, mistakes are made, we all make mistakes, but why dwell on the truth or attempt to pass on blame? If you eat junk food, fail to exercise or neglect the body, sooner or later illness will demonstrate no-one escapes the truth of life.

So, the reality of a Holistic Healer is this: Those who wish to trust with conventional medicine will most often be cured. There is no cure for the terror of disease, and traditional and holistic medicine fails to provide answers to the inevitable – The inevitable is death. The Community Holistic Therapists accept this truth, how do I know? I asked: And their work is to enhance the lives of all people, whether ill or ailing, their work is unique, they give people, well or no, alternative and holistic options to their Well Being.

I have spoken to and argued with many ‘miracle’ healers over the years. Not a one: not a one: will give me an email, names or addresses of those they have cured of terminal diseases. Let me be clear, if I could find a healer who could cure the conduits of death, I would follow them and alight their names in every article I write. I would proclaim their ability and put their email, name and address at the bottom of every page published. To know one of these people would make all who were to be involved, millionaire. We could charge 10K, no 100k, no a million at the door of our shows and distribute the profit to The Community. What times, what accolades, what proof of miracle? The non-sense of those few have ruined the reputation of those who work with so much integrity, so much love, so much kindness, it is impossible to gauge the damage done.

Some time ago I wrote about the skilled and professional holistic healer and therapist who work at our shows (Our means the whole of Our Community), and I will refer back to the sentiment I wrote at this time from memory: I will reappraise my thoughts from memory because of ingrained reasoning within my belief system:

The skilled and professional therapist or holistic healer will have taken many years of their lives to qualify for their chosen therapy. Excellent training is expensive and takes many years to achieve. And if the choice were useless, it would fail to provide results and within time, the method would become dismissed. It is of significance the Holistic healer has not disappeared, in fact, they thrive and prosper, and by proper, there is no reference to money.

Do not ridicule our work. Amongst The Community is a physician and three full-time professional nursing staff. None claim to be a healer or miracle worker, if individual wishes to question or ridicule our work we accept your doubt, we embellish it, and we accept you human right to profess your opinion. I ask you to reread paragraph five and then ridicule my views. I am in the world of unprovable supposition, and every statement made by politicians is questionable, and many professionals and ‘qualified’ people make mistakes. Our minority accept diverse opinions; this is a democracy.

The skilled and qualified professional therapist and holistic healer will take many years of their time to qualify for their chosen therapy. Excellent training is likened to all in life: The best is expensive; not only this: The pupil will travel to the course, stay overnight and the course may be constructed of twenty or more modules. The class often takes a year or more and cost in excess of 2 thousand pounds + time and travel. If the course did not stand scrutiny and seemed to be verifiable, then it would fail. The certificates you see at the shows are evidence of incredible commitment and dedication.

The masseuse has to make an incredible commitment. Over the last ten years, the need to understand the body has become paramount. Indeed, many teaching establishments who train, massage and hands-on theories focus on this aspect in the early stages of the training. From India Head to full body massage the therapist has to be qualified or experienced in their chosen therapy.

No one can dispute this is an incredible journey: Excellent training is like everything of excellence, it is expensive. Once committed, the pupil will have to travel to their course. And the dedication becomes testing: The student will have committed to a class which is constructed or up to 20 individual modules. The course is conducted over a period of one or even two years. The total cost? Two or three thousand pounds! Add accommodation and transport; it is possible the certificate represents four thousand pounds. NO one would make this commitment unless there is a reality within their endeavour.

Holistic healing is NOT a read a book and knows all practice. It is not an individual idea or concept. It is a unification of ideas and skills. Take on board the fact, all of our therapy community have explicit knowledge of the depth and breadth of their fellow Community Members Therapies, there are subtle differences in the way they interpret their work, and they know all visitors will follow their intuition and enjoy the pleasure and benefit from their choice. Head massage from X, aromatherapy from K, Reiki from M. This is the way of holistic healing, blend it, ear candling from E and a sublime massage from P.

Allow me to expose my thoughts, and you can test my mind. After all, you have read I will guide you into material aspects of being a Holistic Therapist. It is as difficult a vocation as can be, to have qualified they have committed an immense amount of money and time. And now there is a choice. Full or part-time, can their work provide an income? The reality is until they build their customer base it is an arduous journey. The people you will meet and enjoy a therapy with at The Well Being Shows have made incredible commitments and followed their ingrained knowledge they can make a difference.

Many of The Community Holistic Healers commitment is so dedicated they work for the benefit of their clients and do not look for material gain. There is no indication of superior knowledge, majestic or miracle cures. They pass on the most subtle and incredible therapies which take a troubled soul into peace. A relaxing moment? A Reiki healing? A spiritual connection? These experiences are amazing and if the experience is a delusion, why do so many people return to the therapy?

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