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Over the next two days the focus is on Glenys and Philip Underwood and the organisation they run under the name The Anahata Centre. After researching Glenys and Philip’s work during the last week; I came to realise one article would be insufficient to inform the reader about them and their work.

Philips Website

The Anahata Centre is Lincoln based. Anahata is the Sanskrit for Heart. They could not have chosen a more fitting name; Glenys and Philip are two people with big hearts and volumes of knowledge. It is sure students studying on their courses can be assured of the highest quality of teaching.

The Anahata Centre is the umbrella name for two training organisations. Glenys is Principal and Lead Tutor for the ‘Anahata College of Reflexology’, and Philip is the Trainer and mentor for ‘Progressive NLP for Therapists’.

Philip runs the NLP course over a year which qualifies graduates for membership of ANLP in the UK. He also offers a Master Practitioner course over ten months to qualified NLP practitioners. He is a member of the CNHC along with his work as a Registered Hypnotherapist, Energy Psychologist, Master Practitioner and Accredited Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The practising teacher has many advantages over someone who is solely a tutor. Philip is not only a teacher, but he also utilises the therapies he teaches with private clients. His private work covers many avenues; one client may have a phobia; another may wish to change their lives in some way.

Philips Website

Glenys is a Fellow of the Association of Reflexologists. She is an experienced Maternity Reflexologist, a licensed HypnoBirthing Practitioner (Mongan) and a Master Practitioner of NLP.  She runs a year-long course in clinical reflexology; this is a Level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology. The course incorporates the mind/body connection to health issues and spiritual wellbeing.

With over 60 years of experience between them, the results Philip and Glenys produce are life-changing. It is not possible for me to give a better explanation of their incredible work than their websites.

You are invited to look through their websites and review the many facets of their skills and courses on offer. Their charity work is a testament to their ethos and ingrained integrity. To write it is a privilege to have them as Community Members is an understatement.

Philips Website

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