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The Mixed Sample
The Mixed Sample

A friend has handmade vegan quality soaps for over ten years. Two days ago Dean came to LizianCrystal Shop and gave us of a selection of his range of soaps. The box contains twelve different fragrances when opened the smell is divine.

Dean tells me the box is always available for sale and is proving to be very popular. I’m not surprised: the soaps are a first class product. The soaps are made from coconut, olive oil and the best quality essential oils and suitable for vegans. Dean tells me he’d prefer the fragrance to be a little stronger. I disagree, he has the balance just right, it leaves a subtle and long lasting scent on hands and face.

In use the soap lathers to a thick and luscious foam. My skin is quite sensitive, and after use, there is no itching at all, I guess it could be used by anyone. The thick foam washes off the skin and leaves no residue. The soap was tried with cold water, and it still gave foamed very well. I do not know how long a full bar would last: however from the experience of using the small sample squares these soaps will be equal to any commercial product.

The product is made to the highest of standards. Deans small production line ensures the consistent quality of his soaps. He is ecologically conscious and insists on producing simple packaging for his products. Even simple packaging box is hand cut and stapled by Dean. He feels the packaging should reflect the ethos of his business. The ethos is the highest quality achieved by using the finest ingredients and boxed in a simple basic design.

Dean keeps the actual blends a secret: he comments ‘All the fragrances are a blend formulated over years of making soaps. I have given names to the different blends and feel this will give a good representation of the smell and suitability of the individual soap fragrances’.

The twelve fragrances are:-
Orange Sweetie
Medicated for Men
Smooth Lavender
Oriental Biltz (May Chang based)
Soap Makers Special
Plus Peppermint
Golden Lemon
Into the Woods
Eastern Medication (Holy Basil based)

Assorted box cost £12-00
Individual soaps cost £4-00 a bar or Three bars for £10-00

Contact Dean
07746 106347

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