It is time to close the post thread of the past few days: we desire to move on and continue to build a strong and respected platform from which many like-minded and fair people can trade and prosper in so many ways.

But I’ll close with the thoughts of two fair-minded and consistent promoters and sharers of The Community’s work. They have a full awareness of the ethos and foundational ideas of the Well Being Brand:

Lets’s move on as many hundreds of people have read the posts: opinions have been made on both sides. I will leave this situation here with two important view-points which sum up the feelings of many people who have read the posts: for now:


Excellent piece as always (replying to Liz Clark’s Sunday Thoughts) – Liz. What a pity that you have to keep addressing issues such as this. It’s good that you do tackle these openly as it underlines your openness and transparency.

However, personally, I am sick to death of these people – the former community members that hold a misplaced grudge and purposely make negative comments and spread lies; the people that think they know better, but clearly don’t; the people that bitch about you at other events and yet you still, fairly, promote their work; the people that let you (and us, and themselves) down time after time at events with no-shows, late arrival, packing up early, empty stands etc etc..

I suppose we are no different from any other community in that there are always those amongst us that undermine through ignorance, stupidity or malevolence.

However, where we are different is that we don’t have to continue to allow these people to be part of our community. If people can’t be community-spirited, if they repeatedly refuse to listen, if they consistently let us down and break the rules, if they purposely cause trouble, let’s get rid.

Block them from our social media platforms. Ban them from our events. Call them out when we hear them spewing their lies at other events. Why allow them to continue to disrespect, disregard and potentially damage our brand?

I’m all for educating and giving people second chances, and absolutely giving extra support to those that need it …. but there is surely a limit?

Thousands of pounds and thousands of life hours invested by you, many community members and visitors in building our community and brand ….. and certain individuals care not one jot about that. Enough is enough.



I watched Ian and Liz work and build the LizianEvents business before approaching them to organise the Pure Spirit Shows. The Pure Spirit project would be up and running if we’d not had the setbacks of the last twelve months. But what I can write without a second thought is the way they run a business, the fairness, honesty and integrity are beyond reproach. Anywho question their integrity and openness is simply within the realms of false imagination.

There is an area that makes their progress a little slower than other businesses. They limit the number of stand genre at each event and they set high standards which exhibitors have to meet. For example, if someone consistently lets the community-based organisation down, that individual will lose their place in the community. And as you know, human nature has a way of deflecting blame from one’s own faults. So, it is others who are to blame for personal failure.

Some people will attend and waste their time at the shows. They walk around moaning and blaming everyone bar themselves for their slow business. And when they drive home they have to justify their poor show. And the fact is, there is only one place, to place the fault. And in time the place of blame becomes their reality, and within time they will give up and still blame everyone for the failure.

I have attended shows where I have not faired so well financially: but I have gained new longterm clients and have set the seed for future events. I never blame organisers for their efforts: after-all the attraction is not the organiser or venue, it is the performers or businesses people go to see, who are the attraction. We have to accept it takes time and dedication to grow a beautiful flower and there will be many poor seasons and outside influences which will bring heartache and disappointment. But the gardener who persists will eventually enter the flower show.

I watched with sadness the posts over the last few days: Ian replied to the same question time and again. He replied on three or four platforms to the same question: And still the simple answer was not accepted. He truthfully answered ‘At this time he could not provide the clear defined answer’ and this was not accepted. And I write this next observation in kindness and truth: Many people eventually decided that the question was being asked with a malicious intention (not my opinion). And I know many people have formed this opinion and understandably do not wish to be seen as malicious publicly: they observe without comment. 

When I asked Ian to publish these thoughts: I insisted he’d publish all without editing one letter. And I also insisted he would publish it on LizianEvents News, not as a favour, but as an organiser of Pure Spirit Events: a brand which is mine. it is therefore important for people to know I have trust in the people who are working to my standards.

On Saturday I called Ian and asked him if would make sense to leave the situation to find its own levels? I’ve asked him if he can recall his answer: (it was):

‘Barrie: what we are building is beyond an events business. It is something which in the fullness of time will become an amazing community-based and non-profit driven brand. And it will grow because of those two factors. I have always known the biggest problems will come from people who do not see the potential and will stay faithful to old and tired ideas. But, I will never give up standing up for the design of the events. Clarity and openness is part of this evolution. For everyone who chooses to dislike what we do, there will be three friends who will love the idea. That’s all that matters.’

Allow me this thought: 

My belief is: The Well Being Brand is greater than bars, eating areas and talk rooms. If there were no food, drink and talks at the April event people will still come. They are tired of being within the lockdown situation. And to be amongst like-minded people and be able to buy a few treasures and enjoy a holistic treatment or reading will be heaven to them.

Allow me this thought:

To anyone who wishes to make comments about the way The Well Being Market is run: I’d ask you to actually attend the events on a regular basis. See how they are being run and evolving. It is pointless listening to hearsay and what was seen 18 months ago.

Be at the events, not listen to gossip and distorted views. Yes: make comments: but accept the answers: have patience.

Allow Me This Thought:

Lets’ look at this situation in this way: Ian is forced to bend to pressure and make a reply and says: ‘We will run the talks and food in XXXX way’ and later the authorities say: ‘Sorry you cannot have food or talks’ what then? Or they say: ‘Yes: you can have food and presentations but only within this or that guideline’ – He would have to retract his enforced reply: It is not possible to answer a question until Liz and Ian have the defining answer. And Yes! There are presentations listed on the events page: Why not? Every one realises nothing is set in stone during these difficult times. In the future, Ian will be judged by his determination to hold out for the facts: not bow to pressure: no matter how eloquently suggested.

Allow Me This Thought:

During the September Well Being Market, I watched something which all attendees saw. I saw people following guidelines, I saw people ordering food which was then taken outside and eaten in cars. (there was a small eating area). I saw people eating picnics. A suggestion made by Liz and Ian in their comprehensive pre-event circulars. I watched visitors using hand gels. I saw the toilet being cleaned every 30 minutes. I saw Ian walking the floor not with his usual cameras microphones and tripods: but with hygiene sprays and cleaning buckets: I watched him empty large waste bins hourly. I watched him after the Market closed sweep the litter from the floor and wipe down the plastic chairs used by community members. I have never seen an organiser become a janitor: there was no problem with Ian cleaning everything from chairs to toilets: even though LizianEvents had paid for cleaning staff. Dedication to safety? It was beyond the call of duty.

Allow Me This Thought:

We all felt the amazing vibe: the togetherness, friendship, laughter and real community spirit. I have never felt a connection like it: And under the most difficult of situations. In fairness, I listened to someone who commented ‘It’s not like the old shows’ and we’d have to reply ‘How could this possibly be like the so-called old shows?’ there was nothing to compare. It was a superb event: made fantastic by the incredible people who committed to something which seemed impossible at that time. Nobody could accomplish what Liz and Ian accomplished that weekend: and everyone should be proud of their achievement through their contribution. Unique and never to be forgotten.

So when the integrity and capacity to make the community and visitors attendance safe and secure is questioned: believe me when I write: The security of the community and visitors was taken well beyond what 99% of the people saw. And be sure: Ian and Liz will take no risks with the safety and security at any event they organise. They will not make statements without clear knowledge and understanding of the format for every event. I have no doubt about this statement.



  1. Absolutely BRILLANT REMARKS. I could not have written or said this any better and I AGREE PASSIONATELY with these 2 colleagues exhibitors.
    We are all VERY LUCKY to have Liz Clark & Ian Timothy as our superb,ly PROFESSIONAL, CARING, DEDICATED & actually ASTOUNDING ORGANISERS.
    Thank you for being 1000 % WITH and FOR us, Exhibitors & Visitors, Liz & Ian.
    We admire you and love you for what you have done and still do, & no doubt will still do for us all!
    Indeed let’s move on! Xxxx Brigitte Rix

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