As many of you have privately commented on the questions Gary asked on LizianEvents News and Our FaceBook page: I have asked and been given permission to publish his private messages to myself over the Friday evening (19:03:21). There is no editing involved and my replies are clear as possible. We will of course keep everyone aware of the outcomes of our risk assessment. However, Gary is expressing grave concerns that many people are worried about the food and presentation situation: Therefore in the interests of openness and transparency here is the messenger correspondence. Please feel free to comment and make your feelings known.

Ian Timothy

  • Ian, I wanted to ask some supplementary questions privately. I suspect that I will not be alone in raising them.

As I understand it, on 29 March: The “rule of six” will return, along with a new two-household rule.

This will allow either six people from a maximum of six separate households to meet in outdoor settings such as parks and private gardens from 29 March, or a maximum of two households, regardless of the number of people.

That means that indoor cafes/refreshments are out, but outdoor seating is in.

This means friends and family members will be able to sit down for a coffee or have a picnic in the park, something not currently allowed under lockdown.

No earlier than 12 April: The hospitality industry, including pubs and restaurants, is expected to reopen outdoors with the rule of six or new two-household rule in force.

Non-essential retail, hairdressers, barbers and nail salons, will all reopen -this facilitates the Indoor Market.

Indoors, the rule of six applies, so talks would be limited to one presenter and an audience of five.

What I do not understand is how we can have an indoor café which is not allowed under the lockdown roadmap, but have no plans for outside seating and drinks and food which is allowed.

I am 100% behind your plans to relaunch. I want us to do so successfully.


  • This is exactly why we will be working with the showground and the correct authority in this matter.   As you will discover in Liz s post on Sunday.  We do not have the franchise on food.  I will point out we never have the franchise for food at any of our events. 

I think it is very important that you know we have had many people asking about why you are asking these questions at this stage.  There is no way we will do anything illegal.  And will fully follow the guidelines laid out by the police fire and other services who will be at the SAG meeting.   Where have you seen any information about the Newark show ground s plans for food on their site? 

We have six weeks to go.  And I would suggest you wait for the outcome of the risk assessment which is with the authority at this moment.  I am NOT prepared to go into any further dialogue on this matter until we have a clear and defined document to follow.  Many thanks for your concerns.  Ian


  • IAN,

You are way off beam here.

As exhibitors, and visitors our only concern is the provision of food and drink, not who is providing it. It is pivotal to the success of an event.

If many people have asked why I am asking these questions ( No-one has on the thread, why would they?) it is because, once again, we are looking at investing in lizian events, as we have done for several years, and did for the last event. The numbers who can attend a talk are critil to its success.

I have never implied that you are looking to do anything illegal. On the contrary, the Govt information I have quoted, confirms you are not. It supports you.

It was you who told me that you could not open the bar because it impeded the circulation flow.

The Lockdown roadmap is a matter of record. You are asking us to invest. I Do not think that verifying the value of that investment is unreasonable.

In your most recent blog you declare “ Openness and transparency are paramount to our future.”

I agree.

Gary and Jane

  • Ok no problem Gary I will copy and paste all of this on a post. Best for everyone to see your viewpoint.  The point is Gary you are writing about the Cedric Ford Centre.  Not the Lady Eastwood. I’ll make sure this goes out on Monday and I’ll send it out to our email list.  No issue with me here.

For clarification: I write of The Cedric Ford because the discussion about bars was in that building and not The Lady Eastwood Centre which as all visitors and Community Members who attended the September event will know the layout is with a separate food and server from the main hall.


  1. I for one completely trust Lizian events to comply and exceed all guidelines and current legislation when the market is on. I was at the last event as an exhibitor and it was under regulations then. It was efficiently run and this one will be no different.

  2. I did not express grave concerns about the food and presentation situation, I did ask questions regarding how visitors and exhibitors were going to experience presentations given the Govts roadmap. Without answers it is not possible to have grave concerns.

    I simply asked how we were going to provide refreshments at a time when cafes are closed. I think that is a fair question, and remains unanswered. I also asked whether you were going to take advantage of the new rules on outdoor refreshment provision. A fair question for exhibitors and visitors alike.

    • You are going around in circles with this Gary: The situation is we are waiting for the replies to the safety assessment presented to the authorities: The food situation is covered by the show-ground and as already mentioned to you in your Facebook replies they will work within the rules and guidelines. Your initial words were ‘Will the bar be open?’ – If you need to know how the food situation will probably work the answer is to talk to Jane Osbourne who was at the September event. How can you ask me to answer your questions when I do not have the defined answer at this time? I have given you the opportunity in fairness, openness and transparency. And you do have grave concerns: it is evident you are seriously worried about trading possibilities for Community Members: Who trust us to work in their interest. Now I repeat to you: you can keep asking the same question time and again: but until we have spoken to the authorities about how and where we can provide presentations: the answer must be the same.

      We do not have the food franchise for our events: and I’ll repeat again: the showground caterers will fulfil every requirement. What more can we say? You are demanding answers NO ONE else has asked.

      I will as always publish any answers and questions forwarded to us: And in this light, I will make the comment that you are incorrect in your assumption that people have not replied privately to us about your comments: Indeed you did so on Friday evening (sent a private message)and I thank you for allowing me to publish the content of your dialogue. I welcome the interaction as it gains many shares and much interest in our work.

      Ian Timothy

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