To organise the Well Being Market means we have the usual tasks of taking bookings and working though advertising and floor plans. Now there is a most important aspect to consider: it is Community and Visitor safety.

A mysterious phone caller asks a venue manager: ‘How are they ‘getting away with this event?’

The answer is simple; we are ‘getting away’ with nothing. Community members and Visitors are ‘getting away’ with nothing. The FACT is: we fully comply with guidelines agreed by the authorities who oversee the event’s organisation.

What on earth do you think the owners and management of the venue are prepared to do at this time? Say ‘Yes LizianEvents Ltd. Send over your venue fee and do as you like: we only care about the money’. Do you believe this is how we organise a market?

There is a great responsibly for all concerned to set standards and then exceed the parameters set out. There is NO room for compromise or corner-cutting. This is the reality of the future of any events organised for the next two years.

We should understand this country has to reopen its doors. We should understand we cannot continue in lockdown forever. Even government spokespeople are saying ‘we will have to learn to live with the virus’. And because we have to reopen the doors to the country. There will have to be people like The Community Members and Visitors prepared to participate in the new beginnings and do so with full awareness of guidelines and present legislation.

No one here is diving in a submarine with an open hatch:

Every one of us understands whatever we do to ‘make the events happen’ is in the public eye. We are ‘getting away’ with nothing. We are following the legal requirements set out by the authorities who oversee the safety assessments.

So when the mysterious (not) caller asks: ‘How are they getting away with this event?’ the question is not asked from the perspective or concern for Community and Visitors, is it?

The organisation is Community Based.
We are not profit-driven.
We trust the people we work with.
Openness and transparency are paramount to our future.

Let us all understand the way our organisation works: 

To evidence fairness review these pointers:

We do not ask for ‘rollover deposits’, and we do not ask for full payment of stand fees months ahead in time.
Stand fees are payable 30 days before the event.
We keep our paid fees on deposit, and as many Community Members know, we refunded thousands of pounds in 2020.

We trust the Community we work with and ask for a simple commitment:

We ask for booking forms to be sent early: This is NOT to force people into our terms and conditions. The booking forms are used for promotional information and the floor plans of the events. And of great importance, early booking forms help the authorities with their guidelines. So the booking forms are the major commitment for anyone who wishes to attend any event organised by LizianEvents Ltd.

And because of mutual trust The Community turn up and attend the events, there are few issues or problems. And let us be clear: we cannot satisfy everyone’s demands, and a rare few let us all down. And when The Community is consistently let down by an individual, then we say fair-well. The adage ‘fair and firm’ is key to the Community’s long-term success.

Some choices are misunderstood: For example:

We do not and never will promote other event organisations. None are allowed to promote using The Community’s events or our media streams. And this is a policy more than welcomed by Community Members. It is a policy that strengthens the solidarity of The Community and Visitors. Being Community driven means the Community is prioritised.

We ‘get away’ with nothing. Transparency and fairness are demonstrated at all times. Anywho question our integrity, are encouraged to use the comments form below. It is open, and comments will not be deleted. Although, we answer every comment with fact and integrity, not supposition or guesswork.

So, we welcome you to our events. It would help if you understood our intention, ethos, and determination is to build a fair and open relationship with all who become part of this growing and unique organisation. And for those who think we are ‘getting away’ with not following the rules or are taking risks with people’s lives: you are indeed welcome to your opinion. It is best to consider how we assess the situation and how long-term planning affects today’s decisions. Many see their stand fees and entrance fees being directed into the events’ future, not into the director’s pockets. And at this time, LizianEvents profits are used to enhance the safety of all who become part of the weekend market. This is the way to the future: the way to reopening the doors to The Well Being Shows.

Ian Timothy

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