Sharon’s Dewick’s Workshop – Create An Angel Dream Board

Sharon Dewick

Sharon Dewick is running a superb workshop at our Nottingham – Trowell Event on 27 & 28 of January. Her explanation guides us to the theme of the Workshop. One thing is for sure attendees can expect a high quality and well-taught seminar. Sharon is after-all a professional teacher. Anyone attending should remember the price includes materials and they will take their board home. Making something which can be used every day and also has great potential to help achieve objectives must be worth considering.

Sharon’s Dewick’s Workshop – Create An Angel Dream Board

Would you like to create an Angel dream board that is a visual reminder of all your dreams and wishes for the coming year using images, words and of course some Angels to help along the way?

Sharon from Natures Workshop has been creating dream and vision boards for many years and will guide you through the process. You will start with a short meditation to open up to your potential future and then we will look at images and words that reflect what you would like to achieve. You will also add affirmations and choose the Angels you wish to work with throughout the year.

This will take about an hour and all materials and handout are provided, although you may wish to add to your board at a later date.

The times of the workshop are: Saturday 27th January 2.30 p.m. and Sunday 28th January @ 11.30. There are limited spaces and the cost for this is £10.00 and is bookable through

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