What A Brilliant Day

Sharon Dewick
Sharon Dewick

Is the show a success? The answer has to be ‘no doubt about it’. The Community pulled out all the stops, and the venue came to life. Higher numbers of visitors. Well attended talks and incredible feedback from visitors.

‘What a brilliant atmosphere’
‘I cannot believe the quality of your community.’
‘We came for a couple of hours, and we’re coming back tomorrow.’
‘The food is incredible value.’
‘I’ve had two readings.’
‘Jo Paz is amazing.’
‘Everything my friend said about this event is true.’
‘Love the vibes’
‘This show has taken me back to the magic of years ago.’
‘How can so many top class exhibitors be here? Amazing’
‘I read on the news page; this has a ‘cult’ following. You weren’t joking.’

Every time I asked the question ‘Are you enjoying the show?’ I received another positive reply. The Community Members have excelled today. To say Liz and I are pleased is an understatement. We feel The Community have excelled and our gratitude for their efforts and dedication is beyond measure.

Liz and I look after the refreshments and it is here we listen to the comments. There was not one complaint. How fantastic is that? From my perspective, the fact Visitors talk about the Daily News and the articles makes the effort worthwhile.

This is a brief article, it has been a long day and tomorrow will soon be with us, and I’m sure we will meet many new friends and say ‘Hello’ to those who return to enjoy the atmosphere.

Liz and I thank you again for your trust, support and dedication.

See You Tomorrow


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