Nottingham Review

Nottingham Show Review

First, let’s get the attendance figures out of the way:

Saturday 198
Sunday 169

We do not include two-day attendees in the figures. This gives us a 30% increase in visitors numbers, and we deem this as a success.

After fifteen years of exhibiting at shows as diverse as one room shed to the N.E.C, you get a feel for the quality of each event. The atmosphere at Trowell this weekend was terrific. And for the type of venue (Village Hall) I can comment with confidence this was without a doubt the best I can recall.

The review will be over two days because there are too much information and too many testimonials to put into one article. However, we have to thank ‘The Community’Members’ who attended for making the show work. They have chosen to come with us on this extraordinary journey. Many thanks to the following:-

Brian and Bridey Barber – Kirstie Wood – Sue Hickman – Pam Shield – Kevin Doe – Elaine Chadbourne – Chandu Solanki – Sam Wray – Mel Foot – Jurga Proudlove – Jo Paz – Stephanie J King – Sharon Dewick – Rick Paul – Sandi-Joy Pinkney – Emma Gowshall – Jacqueline Seddon – Dathan Berry – Dulcie Brown – Katt Lawrence – Jane Osborne – Annie Webster – Gill Moore – Simon Goodfellow – Paul Reynolds – Tamra Butler – Emily Kirk – Mel Jones – Woodland Trust – RSPB.

And here are a few FaceBook comments:-

Pam Shield – Absolutely brilliant weekend. Thank you to Liz and Ian as always and to everyone for making it the joy it was. See you all at Newark.

Campbell Wallace –  Hope all our community friends had a great show well done to Liz and Ian for your constant commitment to Lizian Events see you all at Newark

Carol and Campbell Crystal Carols

Katt Lawrence – Absolute joy to have exhibited at my first Lizian event .. thanks to one and all for making it so special. Looking forward to Newark

Rick Paul – Fantastic show, couldn’t have wished for better, two good demo’s numerous clients old and new some awesome conversations again with old and new faces, oh and the icing on the cake tea and a bacon butty awesome weekend, thank you, Liz and Ian,, very grateful.

Elaine Chadbourne – Wonderful weekend all around so many new faces lovely people hopefully you all enjoyed your experience with us all in what we were offering to you here’s to the next one xx thank you really to Liz and Ian for your hard work setting up this brilliant weekend job well-done xx

Kirstie Wood – Fabulous show! Busy both days with familiar faces and newcomers. Considering it’s January, which is typically slow, the visitor numbers were beyond expectation … this is a testament to the growing awareness of these events (due to powerful and relentless promotion) and the wonderful experience that visitors enjoy (due to the whole community’s efforts, guided by the Lizian ethos). What a super start to the year! It bodes well for future events. Personally, I am so glad I became part of this community last year from both personal and commercial perspectives. Liz and Ian – heartfelt thanks for all that you do.

A full review tomorrow.

See You Soon

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