Nottingham Review Part Two

Nottingham - Trowell
Nottingham - Trowell
Liz Clark
Liz Clark

The second part of the review contains both video and audio.

The feedback received is 100% and we feel this show has become the yardstick for small events. When you listen to the audio conversations you can hear our Community Members and Visitors enthusiasm for the Well Being Show.

If you are interested in keeping a record of the shows you can download this audio recording without charge from the link embedded in the image below. Potential ‘Community Members’ will benefit from downloading and relistening to the recording.

Download MP3
Download MP3

For connection speed, the FaceBook video Liz Clark made on Sunday the 28th of January is embedded in the picture below. This video a real feel for the atmosphere of the LizianEvents Well Being Show.

FaceBook Video
FaceBook Video

This show will continue to go from strength to strength. ‘Community Members’ enjoy an event which continues to bring in new Visitors and holds the interest of Returning Visitors. As one of the interviewees comments, ‘You take this type of show to another level’ and who are we to argue with this statement.

Here are a few more comments and after this, the review is closed:

– What a successful weekend. And all the hard work you both put in is paying off, well done you deserve it.

– What an awesome day, busy, lifting people’s spirits helping them with self empowerment and a demo as well, I am absolutely buzzing I only hope I will sleep tonight as today was only part one folks, looking forward to tomorrow.

– That your shows are growing so quickly is no surprise. You care about everyone who walks through the door whether they are working or visiting the atmosphere is amazing you may not be the biggest shows but you are certainly the market leaders keep up the good work.

– Absolutely brilliant weekend. Thank you to Liz and Ian as always and to everyone for making it the joy it was. See you all at Newark x

– Absolute joy to have exhibited at my first Lizian event .. thanks to one and all for making it so special.. Looking forward to Newark xx

– Cannot fault the selection of exhibitors. I don’t know what it is about a Lizian Show. I always leave feeling as if the people care. Nothing seems to be a problem and the exhibitors smile and talk. Just love coming to the events. Will be at Newark  and Lincoln.

Final Words:

Take a few minutes to watch the video and listen to the audio interview. Thank You for supporting the LizianEvents Well Being Shows. We do not forget ‘The Community’ and ‘Visitors’ are the show.

See You Soon


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