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Jewellery In The Making
Jewellery In The Making

We welcome Seraphina Jewellery to the Newark Well Being Show. Marion’s introduction is so concise and exciting there was no need to edit or change it in any way. I’m sure our Visitors will find this article interesting, and for many, Seraphina Jewellery will be another good reason to visit the event. See You Soon.

Seraphina Jewellery is a unique range of handmade jewellery set with natural crystals and stones made in a tiny artisan workshop in Rio de Janeiro, all Fair Trade.

This business was started in 2005 by fluke; it was never a plan. I worked as a recruiter, and my husband was a taxi driver, and on our first trip to South America, our taxi driver in Rio took us to his friend’s workshop where I fell in love with this fabulous jewellery. I had never seen such beautifully designed and crafted pieces, so I bought a necklace and was delighted that all my friends loved it and wanted one!

My husband and I decided to return to Rio and ask to be an agent for London, but instead the owner and designer of the jewellery range give us the rights to the whole of Europe, so we started a small business as a sideline for me called Brazilian Jewellery.

After a few years of selling the jewellery in a small way, I was spotted while on a cruise by the onboard shop’s manager who asked me where I bought these fantastic necklaces that I wore every evening. When I said I was the importer, he asked if I would be interested in coming and selling it on cruise ships. Of course, the answer was yes, so my husband and I left our jobs, and for seven years we sailed the seas selling the jewellery to ladies from all over the world!

We re-named our company Seraphina which is an Angel of the highest order as we feel that there is undoubtedly an Angel who is taking good care of us and has given us this wonderful and unexpected lifestyle which was never a plan!

We now have friends all over the world, and we have travelled to places we would never have been able to access without this fantastic opportunity. We visit the workshop in Rio every few years. And spend time with the artisans who are the most beautiful people, kind and generous. And they, like us, never imagined that when I purchased one necklace, it would turn into a thriving business for them and us which brings so much pleasure to the ladies who wear these fantastic Brazilian crystals and stones. We consider ourselves to be very blessed and long may it continue!

We are now land-based, and we spend our travelling throughout the country where Seraphina has never been seen, selling this fabulous jewellery to new customers who are amazed at these wonderful pieces. Our range is vast and, we stock necklaces, chokers, bracelets, earrings, rings and evening handbags adorned with the crystals. Many pieces are a one-off, so you are buying something very special.

We sell mainly at Holistic Fairs as our crystals are full of energies for health and well being. The whole range is tarnishing free, hypo-allergenic and comes with a guarantee that you will never receive more compliments from a piece of jewellery and that is how I started the business wearing my first necklace.

Any design can be made in any stone of your choice if it is not in stock at no extra cost. Our crystals include Amethysts, Citrine, Quartz Crystal, Rose Quartz, Hematite, Black Onyx, Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite, Aquamarine and Turquoise Howlite.


We look forward to seeing you at the Newark Well Being Show.

Marion and Ian Clifford


  1. What a fascinating read, even the hardened sceptics among the general populous should look at this and realise that we are indeed looked after by the angels, coincidences I think not, thanks for posting.

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