What is meant by Community?

What is meant by Community?

During the February Newark Well Being Show attending Community Member, Pam Shield experienced the ethos of the show and The Community. I will not expand further allow Pam’s own words to explain the situation.

“I’ve had a lovely weekend at the Lizian Newark Well Being Event.

My first time as an exhibitor at this event and, I hope, the first of many more to come.

Firstly, thanks as always to Liz and Ian for providing a very well organised event and secondly, a huge thank you to members of ‘the community’ who came to my aide when I took poorly on Saturday.

In their various articles and posts, Liz and Ian often talk about the beautiful community that is at the heart of the LizianEvents. As a regular exhibitor/reader at the Nottingham Trowell event, it’s lovely to feel and be a part of that. To feel the welcome and the genuine friendship and support that is shared between everyone is indeed a pleasure. I know that I, for one, look forward to the Lizian events recognising the lovely energy from that fantastic group of people will be coming together yet again.

I was shown just how genuine and supportive our community was on Saturday when I started to feel extremely unwell. Gill Moore (Spiritual Healer) was the first person I spoke to and without a second’s hesitation offered to give me some healing. I thankfully and very gratefully accepted her offer, Gill was joined by Elaine Chadbourne, (Reiki Healer) and I was fortunate to benefit from the beautiful energies of both of these fabulous healers (definitely recommended!). I’d also like to say thank you to lovely Di Wall for her concern.

The healing helped, so thank you again ladies, and after taking a bit of time out, I was able to finish the day with a couple more readings.

An early night and feeling much better and brighter for the Sunday it was lovely to give a few more readings and to have some fascinating conversations with people that stopped by my table.

Thank you again to everyone I spoke to for your care and concern, it was very much appreciated.

Bless you, xx.”

There is little more for me to write about Pam’s experience; although the reader of this article will grasp the essence of the story. I am not writing that Gill, Elaine and Di would not have come to Pam’s aid in other circumstances. We cannot doubt they would give their ‘all’ to help another person at any time. The reader is guided to the essence of all of Pam’s email. She recognises the Community spirit which flows through the Shows. Liz and I know The Community are the events and we are proud to be associated with every one of The Community. This short article answers the question ‘What is meant by Community’.

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  1. This article encapsulates my feelings entirely about being a community member at Lizian events. The list of names mentioned in it describes the very heart of what goes on on the “shop floor” and beyond. The people the community members all strive to help one another gee them along and put together a fabulous energy. By sending out those healing energies that those ladies did it adds to the atmosphere. I for one am very grateful for all those efforts and look forward to seeing you all at future events.

  2. Thank You Rick – The feedback from Visitors is superb, and no wonder, with ‘vibes’ like this within the venue, everything has to work. Thank you for your comments – Ian

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