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It is Sunday the report is short:

Nottingham – Trowell

We are close to capacity for this event. I anticipate continuing growth in Visitor numbers. With just one month to ‘doors open’ the email promotion will begin. The talk schedule will be posted on the website on Friday 30th March.

Lincolnshire Well Being Show

As most of you will know we are already promoting this show in earnest: The first promo-video went out on Tuesday 20th, and it has been watched 158 times. Of particular importance is the fact the video has received 95% full views (watching the video to the end). This is a remarkable achievement as most video’s on Vimeo only achieve 70% engagement.

Vimeo Statistics
Vimeo Statistics

For the Well Being Show we have sixty-eight secure booking, and therefore we only need thirty-two more Community Members to make this show sparkle. During our Monday visit to The Epic Centre, we considered the layout of the ‘Well Being Body Hall’. As you will know; we decided to have a staging area for Yoga and Tai Chi demonstrations: This layout will require a space between ‘stage front’, the audience standing area and the stands. We feel that to do this correctly we need to lower the number of stands in the room from sixty-five to fifty.

Our desire is for the Well Being Body Hall to have a real feeling of ‘air’ and ‘space’ and ‘vibrancy’ – Liz has followed the methods of Feng Shui since the very beginning of our business ventures. And she is going to design the room in a Feng Shui layout. The layout will be for Prosperity and Success for all the Community in the whole Epic Centre. Has anyone done this before? Not it the fifteen plus years I have been involved in exhibitions. Another LIzianEvents first 🙂

Ok, that’s the bulletin for today, and next week we have five articles for you to read: Everything from Flower Essences to Zen.

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