Petals In The Moon – Artist – Diane Bell

Diane Bell is a brilliant artist: This article showcases some of her work. The reader will discover her kind and peaceful nature as the pictures are viewed, and Diane’s words are read. I would recommend visiting Diane website. You will find a range of exciting artwork and discover inspiring art need not cost a fortune.

Petals on the Moon

Welcome to Petals on the Moon, this is just a quick note about me and my work.  Hello, I’m Diane, working single Mum with all the ups and downs that life has to throw at us. And in the middle of the hustle and bustle, we can think of ways to find inner peace.

When I am painting, I discover tranquillity. The watercolour compositions come to me through a love of nature and resonating with spiritual aspects of my life.

These images are part of a collection titled “Christine’s Angel Whispers”. Named in memory of my Mum. In my memories is the inspiration for me to draw Angel Wings.

The Angel Wings are painted with the intention of giving the viewer a feeling of being hugged: or a hand on their shoulder: or a wink and a smile: My imagery should resonate with whatever comfort or solace you might need. Art should align with the artists intent; I create with genuine kindness and love of life.

After the initial sketch, the wings are painted in soft watercolours. The wings are then teamed with a matching crystal. All finished paintings are blessed with Reiki giving positive energies and love.

My Angel feather watercolours are another take on the idea we have an angel looking over us as we follow our daily path. The painting’s intention is that: Your guardian angel sends a feather from her wing to remind you that she’s looking over your life journey. The watercolours are also teamed with a matching crystal and blessed. Those who possess the picture receive positive energies from the imagery, and the healing properties of the crystal.

Please check out my Lotus Flower Collection each flower represents a chakra and is painted to correspond to the chakra colours. The finished paintings are blessed to give positive energies to cleanse the chakras.

My paintings represent the way we can live in harmony with our higher being and the daily chores of life.

Thank You for reading this short article – Diane

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