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Sceptical or not? Aura photography is an interesting subject. Listening to the point of view about any subject is fascinating. Anyone interested in art, composition and visual creativity should be interested in colour. We could benefit our lives if we took time to understand its influence on the mind, attitude and wellness. I studied Luscher, Gimbel, Steiner, Dewey and colour psychology for over fourteen years, so it is a subject close to my heart. Colour our lives or ignore the influence of the spectrum: it is a personal choice, for one thing, I’m confident, never underestimate the colours which are worn or chosen as surroundings.

Less about me and more about Keven Doe and one of his clients. I have known Matt for some time and when I saw him at Newark in February, he’d just had an Aura reading with Kevin Doe.

I looked at the photograph and became interested in what Matt had to say about the accuracy of Kevin’s assessment/interpretation. Below is a recording of the short an informative interview.


During the years I worked at shows I have never listened to so many people talk about how impressed they have been with their aura readings. The reader? Kevin Doe. We must ask if Kevin blend of formal qualifications, human empathy, intuition and spiritual awareness are combined into a magic formula of insight? One fact is inevitable, time after time, his clients sing their praises for this kind and generous man.

Link to a previous article about Kevin and his work

Kevin’s Website


  1. Kevin Doe is a top man as well get engaged in conversation with him as I have and you realise that he is an old soul who has a good few nuggets of wisdom to impart to the listening ear.

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