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Visitor Article

Ian asked if there were a chance he could publish my name. The answer is no, and there is not a chance I would change this aspect of my writing. I know Ian’s editing leaves its mark on the contribution and this is why he’d like my name next to the title. The editing cannot take the sentiment of the piece away.

Anonymity is not rare; it is common-place. Unsung heroes – Brave witnesses – Utility workers – Nurse – Fireman – Policemen – Soldier – All brave most anonymous. My contribution is nothing, a few words written for a stranger.

There are people whose motivation is celebrity and fame. Without the acknowledgement and adoration, they are nothing. Many of them claim to be creators first and desire fame second. Is this true? I doubt it, or why else would they walk on a stage? There must be thousands of accomplished musicians and actors who have no desire to be famous and prefer anonymity.

I am an ordinary person with a basic job. Many of the people I work with detest the management and the company. All are vocal in their complaints and frustrations and in a way I understand their point of view. When asked for my opinion my answer is always the same ‘I don’t understand the whole situation’, and if they attempt to enlighten me I’ll answer  ‘I’m not interested’.

During my week, I sometimes see a colleagues mistake. There is no point in drawing the attention of the issue to anyone. If it can be rectified without fuss, I will do so without any need to comment. If the situation requires more than I can give, I’ll see if we can sort it out without a drama. There is no point in causing further problems the best way is to repair the problem and move on.

Sometimes a customer needs help, and I will do everything possible to provide the best service. It does not concern me if they do not offer thanks, I am doing my job. Other colleagues get very uptight when the customer does not recognise their assistance. I prefer to be anonymous and make life easy, and without expectation.

Choosing to prefer being unknown is a life enhancer. Being anonymous removes the angst generated by the desire or need for recognition. The reader may grasp the sentiment or not; it is difficult to understand how easy it is to live with expectations.

I have no expectations of people; my preference is for independence and self-dependence. Pauper or millionaire, it is of no importance to my existence. It is interesting that both the poor and the rich desire to be seen, recognised or acknowledged for the plight or success. This is something I have considered on a few occasions, I call it the ‘look at me’ syndrome. I wonder if those who need to be recognised cannot look at their lives and see their insecurities? Still, my way is anonymity, and I feel I do understand my inner-needs.

Most people think me to be boring and lonely. No doubt I am boring. I am not lonely, anyone who enjoys life will never be alone. I have two interests which bring me into contact with many friends. The choice is to enjoy our meeting and be happy to say ‘goodbye for now’. Over the years people have said ‘I’d like to get to know you better’. The fact is there is little to know. I am an ordinary person, who enjoys Yoga and meditation: reading and writing: music and playing the guitar.

Anonymity is something to be practised and enjoyed. For me, it is the ultimate method of self-discipline. When I help someone, I do not ask for recognition or reward. Although, it is rare for me to assist. People fair better when they overcome a problem themselves. There is a suspicion helping people in the short term is not a long-term solution.

So, I will continue to send in an occasional submission about Zen and Peace. Although, I desire to be unknown.



  1. Anyone who sends in an article anonymously (to me) does not stand by the conviction of what they say in the article…. simple

    If you believe without a doubt what you are conveying….why would you not put your name to it??

  2. Yours was a thought provoking post. Many important people are not important. Many unimportant people are important. Who decides? We are what we do.that gives us an identity. If I knew your name, or you personally (perhaps I do) it would have no bearing on my assessment of your words. That identity itself would only have been a construct of what you have allowed us to see.perversely your desire to be anonymous is itself an identity.

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