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Today’s and tomorrow’s articles are a total Indulgence. I have chosen to publish two paragraphs from my book ‘Never Let Anything Worry You’. It is a genuine best seller and downloadable on Kindle. The reader may consider I am abusing the privilege of being editor of LEN. I’ll take the risk.

Two Paragraphs from the chapter ‘Never Let Anything Worry You.’

Successful individuals understand happiness and security is a lifelong process. They also understand much of life is systematic and follows patterns. Simon comments: ‘I’m the overnight millionaire… twenty years of long nights’ His statement is not new, it is an accurate testament to the reality of wealth. The wealths of finance, intellect, emotions and creativity, thrive on two investments, time and endeavour. Simon is not focussed upon personal triumphs; he talks about the achievements of family and friends, this is the sign of a generous person. I ask him about worry; he says; ‘Deal with the problem before it gets out of hand, encourage people to be happy, and you’ll be without worry.’ This is an interesting answer, how or why has he connected the two sentences? The interpretation must be: Face your difficulties early on and guide people we care for, by demonstrating happiness is discovered in solving problems.

Avoid relying on one solution to solve all issues. People tend to limit options and fail to search for better alternatives. There are occasional references to using ‘role play’ within this book. It is an excellent method of working through problems. Using the imagination in productive ways has many advantages. For two examples; reviewing successful situations and analysis of potential negotiations. It is recommended the reader role-play’s the interviews within the book. Paraphrasing is another way of taking possession of beneficial, ideas and information. Paraphrasing is the art of rewriting (or talking through) a sentence, paragraph or chapter. If the idea is considered in depth and deemed to be worthwhile, then take possession of it. make it your own: The use of role play and paraphrasing are essential to working through ideas and helps you take possession of useful ideas.

Consider working with the phrase ‘I’ll overcome my worry by perceiving the issue differently.’

It is suggested you role-play in your mind a situation where you are talking to an individual who is free from worry and does not let anything worry him (or her). Place yourself in a situation where the chosen individual is sifting through a problem. This is an powerful and insightful method of sifting through and approaching problems in different ways. Open your mind: open-mindedness wins, closed minded thinking stifles.

Reflect on how a solution to a worry or issue is achieved, the timescales involved and combine this with how being within a secure environment is preferable to one of argument and discord. Keep in mind we are beginning to consider different ways of thinking through issues. Expansive and profitable thinking is a learned skill and worth the effort.

A fixed or closed minded thinker would comment ‘Never let anything worry you? In your dreams chum.’

An open-minded thinker considers the possibilities.

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