Sunday Bulletin 15 – 4 – 18

It is a great feeling to look at the lists of Community Members. They are substantial in quality and breadth. And of course, we always welcome new and different Community members to contribute to the shows. LizianEvents are organisers, and in truth, there is nothing complicated in organising a show. Hire the venue and attract people to exhibit: The Community make the shows work and prosper.

There is no possibility of asking people to join The Community. Our preference is to reference to our work and ideas and demonstrate integrity. It is better to let people decide if they wish to become part of an event which they are very much the identity. In other words: people choose to become part of a show which is formed and moulded by The Community. 

Yes, Liz maps out the floor plan with a focus on a balance of services, therapies, and retail stands. For example, you’ll never find a show with thirty ‘readers’ or a cave of crystal sellers. The Visitor will not see a crossover of goods or products on the differing stalls. The administration is our contribution, organising the paperwork, booking forms, website, LEN is our part of the agreement. And this is why we appeal to so many new Community Members who present new options for Visitors.

We demonstrate relentless activity in promotion and Visitor awareness. Agreed we were slow off the mark a year ago. However, we are chasing hard at the heals of the objective in front of us and what a goal. Healthy and vibrant shows with an incredible mix of dedicated Community Members.

We uphold an ethos of fairness, and this is sometimes ignored. Our stand prices are well below the figures exhibitors are prepared to pay to stand at other events. The reason we can offer a fair price is this: Those who choose to join The Community are honour bound to share information about The Community’s shows. This obligation is found in the terms and conditions page of the website. We provide excellent venues and social platforms and The Community in return for fair and balanced prices: promote the shows.

Liz and I exhibited at Eric Henderson’s Mansfield Show in early April 2018. The show is a credit to Eric he’s a superman, and his show rightfully has an enviable reputation. I presented a talk on Sunday and afterwards had a rare opportunity to talk to many visitors and fellow exhibitors. In truth, I was humbled by the kind words and enthusiasm for the recognition of the progress of LizianEvents Well Being Shows.

We were humbled by the kind words of acknowledgement regarding The LizianEvents News. I know the reader statistics are growing weekly and we can see the classified ad’s and listings are becoming popular for Community and Visitors. I’d ask you to stay with this and utilise these assets there is no doubt in my mind they will be a significant draw for readers over the coming months.

A Community Member asked why Liz and I do not ‘tout’ for business as she had been approached by four organisers over the weekend. My reply was simple:

‘This is not what we do. We demonstrate how shows are organised and it is the people’s choice to join The Community. It is evident from the new listings how well we are progressing. There is no need to ‘sell’ the shows, the shows are The Community, and it is entirely an individual’s choice if they feel they can contribute or not. Providing they accept their part in the ethos of the show all is well and balanced. I do not have any problems with clarifying my position. I know how much exhibitors are prepared to spend on buying their exhibition space and LizianEvents are well below that average. Tout for business? This is not the way we work.’

Many will know we do not encourage show organisers at our events. They tout for business and hamper the work of The Community. Indeed as far as I am concerned if an organiser touts for trade at a LizianEvent they are trading and I would invoke clause twenty – one of our Terms and Conditions – What is provision twenty – one? You will find it on the info page at LizianEvents website: Here it is:

21) Visitors may not trade, sell, or promote goods, services, shows or events at or during a LizianEvents Organised Show or Event. LizianEvents does not permit any third parties to trade, sell or promote during a LizianEvents Organised Show or Event.

→When a visitor trade’s, sell’s or promote’s at or during a LizianEvents Organised Show or Event, they immediately convert their terms of entry to the event – they cease to be a visitor and become a trader.

→The conversion from visitor to trader means they immediately become subject to a charge to trade at the LizianEvents Organised Show or Event. The cost or fee is relevant to the price paid by The Community.

As far as we are concerned the priority is our shows. We have no interest in anything other than our organisation. The priority is to evidence the highest degree of integrity and fairness. This is why we have simple parameters which define our ethos and acumen.

The fact is: many people read the T&C’s and become Community Members. The list is growing, and due to the growing Community Lists, not everyone can stand at every show. This is of great benefit for the Visitors who can expect change and freshness on return visits. And Visitors must be aware they are the priority and reason for our work; we will never forget this important aspect of The Well Being Shows.

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  1. Interesting. Accurate observation. I could not imagine a restaurant owner entering another restaurant and saying. “Why don’t you come and eat at my place: the food is better and we have better wine” – Janine

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