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It is excellent to have the nationally known medium Barrie John with us at the shows for 2018. Barrie is a busy man regularly appearing on television, radio and writing articles for various magazines and newspapers. He still demonstrates his mediumistic gift in every corner of the U.K. On of his most popular appearances is as the star guest at paranormal investigations.

The interview answers a few questions: one is an insight into the Lincolnshire workshop.Others include a candid appraisal of his experiences of paranormal investigations. 

As you listen to this short interview, Barrie’s personality shines through. He is clear and forthright, and he answers every question asked. The conversation is spontaneous, and although Barrie knew he would be talking briefly about his workshop, he had no idea I’d be asking other questions. It is a tribute to his ability that there was no need to edit the interview, this is a fascinating insight into how much the attendees will enjoy the workshop. His thorough knowledge and insight of his work will make the morning, entertaining, educational and something to be remembered for a lifetime.


The listener should appreciate the interview takes place at the Mansfield MBS Show. We chose to make the recording on the veranda of the venue: even though this was one of the more quiet areas, there were still many people talking and enjoying the atmosphere. 

Workshop Details

Barrie John:
Saturday 2nd June 15:00 – Duration Two Hours: Fee £35

‘I Hear You Knocking!’

Do you hear them knocking, but you don’t know how to let them in?

Join Barrie John, and let him guide you on how to connect the two worlds of spirit and the present. Barrie discusses and teaches attendee’s about spirit frequencies and different methods of connection. He guides attendees to learn how to bond and blend with spirit. Barrie is renowned for keeping the knowledge of this beautiful gift ‘SIMPLE’ and ‘STRAIGHT FORWARD’.

Everyone who meets Barrie discovers a warm, kind and giving character. He never fails to impress and make new friends.

To book your place contact Barrie John:

t: 07968 368708

Barrie’s Website


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