Nottingham – Trowell – Review

The beautiful weather affected the attendance figures. Nottingham’s Monday to Friday weather was atrocious: and blue sky’s and a Bank Holiday weekend took its toll. During conversations with Community Members, all agreed the sun rightfully won the day!

Saturday – 121
Sunday – 124
Total attendance down by 45

Did we care? No way! The Well Being Show was brilliant. The atmosphere can be described as astounding. I can confirm from my vantage point there is no doubting Visitors adored the whole event.   

“The Facebook comments evidence the success of the weekend. No argument: The Community, as usual, excelled. Visitors stayed for the whole day, and many returned to listen to talks and enjoy the atmosphere”.

Many Thanks, Emma Gowshall for your images.

There is no exaggeration: This small Well Being Show hit the mark on so many levels. The first hour was slow. No worries retailers, therapists and readers stood their ground and sure enough, the venue filled. While many Visitors stayed; the hall’s temperature climbed and understandably for some a three-hour stay was enough.

Every talk received great feedback. The balance was spot on, and Visitors did not seem concerned about the change of programme. Although four people had travelled to listen to one of the cancelled seminars, they loved the replacement. Many thanks to Bridey Barber and Peter Wall for standing in at short notice. 

Listen to Liz’s interviews: the comments guide you to the essence of the weekend.


My final feelings?

The Community has every reason to be proud of this weekend: In fifteen years of attending the old style m.b.s fairs never and I retype NEVER have I witnessed such camaraderie. Every single one of The Community worked in complete accord. The atmosphere created was magical.

The Community can be confident they can take the show anywhere they chose. My advice? Become architects of your future, design a Palace of Well Being.

You are thirty-six extraordinary people:

Jacqueline Seddon
Yvonne Bird
Gill Moore
Susan Jones
Elaine Chadbourne
Tamra Butler
Gill and Simon Essex Crosby
Rachel McRobbie
Carol and Campbell Wallace
Sue Hickman
Dale Bannister and Tracy
Jurga Proudlove
Kirstie Wood
Bridey and Brian Barber
Peter Wall
Chris Curry
Di Wall
Beverley Thorpe
Melanie Jones and Pat
Annie Webster
Jenny Hough
Sam Wray
Emma Gowshall
Kiran – Woodland Trust
JoPaz and Keith
Julie Elizabeth
Pam Shield
Rick Paul
Jennifer Gallagher & Paul Hughes

And of course, the 245 Visitors who came to the Well Being Show

May your God bless every one of you.

See You Soon

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  1. Interesting figures, I guessed around 200, even though never attended this venue before in any format.

    That aside it is a fantastic little show and great for “newbies” who want to dip their toes in this arena, to see if their fledgling business idea would work.

    On a lighter note, been called many names in the past but never extraordinary, so was worth attending just for that 😁😉

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