Nottingham – Trowell – Initial Review

A concise review of this weekend’s Nottingham – Trowell Well Being Show. A full report will be published on Tuesday. I will include attendance figures and interviews with Community Members attending the event.

The Facebook comments evidence the success of the weekend. No doubt about it: The Community, as usual, excelled. Visitors stayed for the whole day, and many returned to listen to talks and enjoy the atmosphere.

It has been a long weekend for everyone and time for me to rest.

In the meantime here are a few comments posted on Facebook – Click an image to read the words.

See You Soon



  1. It was great and I look forward to my next event there. Well organised, awesome sausage butty, old and new clients and a demo as well what more could a man ask for, thank you to Liz and Ian for a fab event.

      • Thank you Ian the words of encouragement mean a lot and for any fledgling readers wondering where to get your start in the professional arena the Lizian events community has got to be top of your list, in my humble opinion.

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