Barrie John’s Workshop –  ‘I Hear You Knocking!’

Earlier in the week, I travelled over to Barrie John’s home to record the short video introducing Barrie’s highly respected ‘I Hear You Knocking!’ workshop. Before writing about the workshop, there is a need to write about my visit.

Barrie insisted the video was filmed at his home, his reason? Read his comments:

“I believe that the closer we become to people the better our mediumistic ability. Over my long career working as a medium, empathy and understanding have been keys to my success. We must always have kindness and love in our hearts if we are to serve the people we work in the best possible way. My desire to have the video recorded at my home signifies my connection to those who watch the video. This ‘closeness’ is part of my work: my desire is to share and establish a close empathy with people I work with”. 

The weather was perfect for outdoor recording, so the ‘takes’ were made in his well-kept garden. Between the ‘takes’ I learned about Barrie and his workshops:

“There is a formal flow to my workshops and courses. Every important aspect of connection and hearing the message is covered. Indeed this is the purpose of the workshop. Although, I have developed the teaching method into one which brings out the very best in the attendees. The introduction and bringing people together is essential. And as we learn to work together, we build empathy, and with empathy, the connections are made”.

Barrie’s professionalism and knowledge are astounding: On reflection, his years of working on television, radio appearances and hundreds of demonstrations come together when he talks about his work. It is almost as if a light switch is turned on and he can connect at the deepest of levels. Whoever attends this two-hour workshop will be in the presence of a superb and talented teacher.

“When I’m asked about the sequence of any course I teach my answer is this: I take the workshop where it needs to go, within a few minutes the group comes together with a more defined way of enhancing their mediumistic ability. We will cover the ‘tools’ we work with (bring your cards, crystals, pendulum) and we work by asking questions of each other, and the results are amazing. I talk about working and different levels: from personal growth to working in front of a theatre of 500 people. You know Ian, this workshop opens doors of possibilities which can be used by attendees for the rest of their lives”.

I do not doubt Barrie’s statement. It is insightful he doesn’t have a wrong word for anyone, even though he has encountered a few ‘problems’ along the way:

“Remember Ian, the work I love is being a medium. As a medium, I have a bigger picture of a person’s intent. If I help someone and they chose to go in a different direction, there is no concern. Yes, I can be hurt by another’s actions. However, my inner being always guides me in the right direction. You see Ian; my ability guides me to the truth of another’s intent. Therefore, I see if someone is in fear or struggling with their material world. And if their choice takes them in other directions, then from the bottom of my heart I wish them well. We achieve nothing in life without people who care for us, and we have to care for them and show loyalty. Recently I was asked to choose between to people. I did not make a choice, my loyalty is balanced between them! One has chosen to break many years of connection, and this is no importance to me, I will continue to support and promote his work. You see Ian, the way I see the situation is more than just the focal point. I see the long-term implications of peoples choices: It’s my work, it is why I’m fairly successful. In a way, this is what people will learn in this workshop”.

As the video is recorded Barrie reenforces his compassion and fairness. It is inevitable I’ll ask him about his television work and the very well known people he’s worked with. Again, he talks about the best of people and will not be drawn into gossip:

“People succeed though using their assets: the things they are good at doing: People fail by doing things poorly! There are people I know who do not live their lives in the best possible way: although they are brilliant and expert at one particular ‘thing’. And it is this point of excellence that brings them success. My work has provided this beautiful home: but there are thirty years of work within these bricks! Nothing comes without effort and learning. Seeking knowledge is key to success. We all have something which can be nurtured and used to take us to success. The attendees on my workshops have a desire to enchase their mediumistic ability. I have the experience and can evidence that I know something about being a spiritual medium. And I am prepared to share this knowledge with the people who attend the workshop.

Continued… If on the way I talk a little about people I have worked with: for example Colin (Colin Fry). And I talk about his personality and how he approached his work, then those on the course will learn, through me, about how an internationally recognised medium worked with spirit. He is still loved and adored by millions of people, why would this be so? Well, you will learn about connection and empathy on the workshop. Those who attend will learn about the ways I work, and we will consider how they work within their spiritual avenues. I’m confident; everyone will enjoy and leave the two-hour workshop with knowledge, wisdom and understanding which they can use in every aspect of their lives, for the rest of their lives”.

Watch the video:


There is no doubting whoever attend this workshop is bound to enhance their ability. The workshop will never be forgotten: Barrie John is an extraordinary man. 

Barrie John’s workshop ‘I Hear You Knocking!’
£30:00 per person – Duration two hours
Saturday 2 June ~ Room 4 – 3.00pm
Lincolnshire Well Being Show
Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Show Ground

Tickets can be purchased through:
Barrie’s email
On the day

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