Last week I travelled to Leicester with Darren Stanton and as we talked the subject inevitably came to his experience at The Lincolnshire Well Being Show.

‘I will write an article about Lizian and the idea of community Ian. On one condition you will only check it for grammar and spelling. If you edit, do not publish.’ 

Here is the article:

The reader should be aware of my professional qualification to write this assessment. Ten years ago I was a police officer; today my profession takes me across the world: working with leading figures in media, government and business. My degree in Psychology is in daily use during television and radio interviews. My articles can be read in newspaper and magazines and have worldwide coverage. I work with major PLC’s and governmental departments advising on the subject of body language and ‘revealed linguistics’. Revealed linguistics is used to interpret the actual meaning of conversations.

My work involves profiling individuals, celebrities, politicians and business leaders and businesses. This essay can be considered as an abbreviated profile, written in the same manner (although less formal) as a full commissioned profile. This entails looking at the internet and social media information, the available information of people involved in the commission and working through the psychological potentials and pitfalls of the subject. evidence of my work can be found on my website. (link at end of article). 

The assessment is written to be insightful to anyone who is involved with the Lizianevents organisation or considering joining the community and utilises the same methods used when commissioned by the government, media and international business. I have attempted to write informally, so, there is no referential evidence in this article.

Conflict of Interest:
Ian Timothy is a friend of seventeen years. We have worked together on stage and video productions. It is possible a reader may assume the assessment is biased of his and Liz Clark’s work. I am confident after reading this study you will find it a fair assessment. My hard earned reputation would be damaged if I crossed this line.

The Assessment 

The business LizianEvents has a community-based foundation. Researching the internet and social media reveals there is no other Community-based organisation which has this identity. Other businesses blend spiritual and physical ideas; none (other organisations) are community-based. It is suggested the identity is unique. 

LizianEvents is the run by Liz Clark and Ian Timothy. It is evident they take pride in creating a business that has established a reputation for integrity. Reading and assessing the linguistics of the terms and conditions of the company; the clauses evidence principals of community and transparency. The clarity of the terms and conditions also indicates there is no hidden agenda. It is evident some of the provisions may deter potential exhibitors from joining the community. This aspect is considered beneficial to those involved in (or joining) the organisation, as the probability is they will be like-minded.

The drawback is, if the terms are breached, the organisers will have to make intellectual, not emotional decisions:

Point One:
The choice is to be community-based, there needs to be rules and guidelines. In society, when its laws are ignored the result is damaging to the ‘whole’ of the society. It is this aspect which holds small problems and important and benefits. In the long term, the guidelines will bind the community into a recognised ‘voice’ of learning, setting an example of how to succeed as a group.

Point Two:
When a ruling is made, there is a need for clarification to isolate the cause or source of the problem. Evidence, not anecdotal hearsay is essential when offering explanations to directives and choices made. Those involved will have another opinion, so the decision must be seen as fair by the majority. The essential factor here is: the community must have confidence in those who make the ruling. Liz and Ian will need to keep focused on this aspect of their work.

Today’s society demands clarity and transparency. Any community or social based entity must, therefore, be prepared to acknowledge and then work around the faults within the society. If a member lets the society down or wishes to take advantage of society, the society is damaged. The rules lessen the possibility of these situations arising.

The terms and conditions evidence the focus is on the ethos, transparency and mutual promotion of the community and organisation. As the commitment to promotion becomes more dominant and accepted by the community, the organisation will need to keep a tight rein on expansion. It is essential the business has the capacity and infrastructure to cope with expansion. 

It is essential to consider the business plan is dependent on community cooperation. Psychologically this could present restriction. The success of the community will be due to communication and connections made by the community. Reading the many articles about the organisation (Lizianevents news) there is no doubting the connectivity between attendees (visitors) and community. It is evident the community is making progress in this aspect of their work, and they will benefit from the undoubted co-operation.

In today’s business strategy is not possible to expand and prosper unless there are many connections. All organisations grow by continuous effort: and this organisation continually promotes the community to attract new attendees. Lizianevents is a well-conceived business, with objectives and long-term plans.  

If community members accept they are part of an organisation which has the potential to have worldwide coverage. They will achieve this probability. It is suggested many involved in the community may not grasp the full implication of the evolution. Universal awareness is sure to be the outcome if the present promotion level is sustained. 

Here is a necessary assessment of the social aspect of the community:
→There will be some who will leave, or it is suggested have already gone – they will be closed or personality centred people, resistant to change – this is acceptable.
→There will be people already in the community who are unsure about the implication of the idea; they will question the notion of community – this is open-minded.
→There will be many who like the community value and for some reason will not reveal their commitment to the concept – also acceptable.
→There will be those who see the potential and already see the power of being connected – this is the force of success.

Point One:
→Those unsure of the idea will continue to watch and be part of the community. They will enjoy the benefits and support people who work hard on their behalf. Eventually, they will contribute and prosper from their input.
→Those who inwardly like the idea may not reveal their feelings, possibly having other loyalties or would prefer to be nomadic, going where they please.
→For the moment those committed to the community will be the reason for the community visibility and progress. This will inevitably change as the community see the benefit of becoming part of the communication structure.

Point Two:
→Those who see the potential are already benefitting from their interaction; it is suggested the community members who are prospering at the events, are doing so because of this commitment. Attendees (visitors) will be influenced by the social media and ‘news’ articles.

The Community:
I attended the Lincoln event as part of the community; this was a memorable and enjoyable experience. Community members are bright, enthusiastic and dedicated. The attendees (visitors) come from many walks of life; this indicates the potential of more significant numbers of attendees (visitors) at future events; the conclusion is the events have a secure growing future. 

This community is a good representation of a healthy society. In the long term, the community should enjoy prosperity and more importantly; universal recognition. It is suggested; when the active involvement of the community doubles from its present level, the shows will become a significant success, at three times the current level of communication the growth will be beyond the communities imagination.

This assessment is informal, and the choice is not to provide referential sources of information. The reader will find numerous articles on contemporary marketing strategy on the internet. The format of Lizianevents looks simple; in fact, it is designed with a complex, powerful and modern marketing strategy.

From a psychological viewpoint, the community connection will bring an immense sense of purpose to all involved. The success of the shows/events will give a feeling of belonging and security to the members of the community. Whoever chooses to be part of the evolution will become part of a prosperous, secure and safe organisation. Moreover, the security aspect is an attraction to new members. It is suggested, the progress of the community is practically unstoppable. 

There is no doubt the organisers are dedicated to the community-based principal. They do not consider the organisation as a slave/master relationship. Nor do they fit the pattern of ‘owner’ / ‘exhibitor’. To think this is inaccurate, self-limiting and incorrect. Even so, there will be community members who consider the organiser – exhibitors relationship is the reality, this will change over time, as a consistent dedication to purpose will prove their integrity.

Psychologically I see clear patterns in Ian and Liz’s behaviour, and actions which evidence their choices are community driven. For evidence, we consider the daily news has many essays which indicate poor business choices and priority of social decisions. Ian has no problem with answering the concerns of the community with action. He demonstrates integrity by writing about situations which fail to meet the standards required by the group. It is sure he will lose the alliance and custom of some individuals by doing so, he also takes the risk of losing people in the situation. A business choice would prevent him writing in this way: the community and moral based essays suggest he follows this conviction: this is not anecdotal evidence, it is evidence he believes in the potential of the community. (the evidence is discovered within his essays).

Social Hub:
The social group in a daily newspaper format of Lizianevents news centres’ the community. Do not underestimate the potential of this social and news hub. An hour of internet research failed to discover any ‘network or hub’ which comes close to this format. As more community and external businesses take advantage of the hub, there will be universal awareness of the community. 

Anyone who is part of this community will benefit from the growth of a powerful and influential organisation. The connectivity of attendees to the community is unprecedented. I can predict consistent and long-term growth. My prediction is within two years there will be people hammering on the doors to become part the community.

I have a feeling where Liz and Ian will take the community – the next step is inevitable. I will not reveal my prediction as it would spoil the fun and take away the triumph from Ian and Liz.

The diversity of community members is key to the success of the community. The arena provided by the organisers diminishes the resistance of people like myself (psychologist) to attend or become part of the community. It is suggested a large business or a budding entrepreneur would find new leads or customers within this well-planned format. Open-minded people will see the distinct advantages of the daily connections to the shows; Lizianevents news is unique and should become an internationally recognised source of information. My final assessment is: anyone involved in physical, spiritual or material health and security will prosper within this community-based enterprise.

A final psychological observation:
Ian indicates he and Liz will not expand the number of shows they organise. Their psychological make-up overrides this limitation. With a growing and healthy community and a growing tribe of followers (attendees/visitors) enjoying the shows. There is no gauging where they and the community will be in five years time. If you are involved with this community, my advice is you are about to become part of an incredible and influential phenomenon.

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  1. Brilliant article, thanks for posting it Darren, I am still relatively new in regard to working the bigger events but I must stay I clicked on very early the potential of the community and also what a brilliant opportunity members are being offered. Lesser experienced members are lucky to have a huge pool of resources and experience to draw from the more experienced and the more experienced may well benefit from the newer ones level of enthusiasm if we add it all together we have a an awesome recipe for success. The community is the now and the future, we are being effectively and unbiasedly led and there are clear goals and aspirations in mind. My rallying call is as it usually is let’s get behind this and drive this to even greater heights. As usual just my thoughts much love Rick.

    • Accurate and clear assessment of the assessement Rick! There are many people who can feel the ‘push’ and ‘vibes’ of The Community. Over the last few months my email traffic is growing and the requests for information occurs five or six times a day. This indictes interest and connectivity. The formula is working. This is due to Community connections. Rick you are very much part of the momentum. Ian

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