We are pleased Barrie John is a member of ‘The LizianEvents Community’. The information on Barrie is so extensive I could do little to improve on his website. One thing is sure, Barrie is one hundred per cent with The LizianEvents Well Being Show ethos and objectives.  He will be with us at all of our shows for the foreseeable future. He will be reading for Visitors and giving talks and demonstrations.

Barrie is expanding the dimensions of his work over the next year. He feels spiritual beliefs and mediumistic ability can be part of everyone’s life. Barrie comments:

“I am sure many people enjoy the gift of heightened psychic awareness: they make significant and positive choices without knowing what is influencing their decisions. I’m taking this idea further by working with people outside of the usual sphere of spirituality. I’m not revealing too much about this work until early 2019. However, there are two significant additions to my portfolio of work due in January, which will change the way many people think about our work”.

Barrie is a Multi Award Winning TV Medium, Presenter, Broadcaster, Speaker, Paranormal Investigator and Columnist.

This gifted man became aware of his abilities as a young child. He always knew there was more to life and that after death his family and friends would live on in another place.

He would listen to his family shared stories of the paranormal world from their experiences. Adult members of the family often recalled experiments of the ancient art of ‘table tipping’ for spirit communication, while the younger children would sit and play. Mediumship covers generations within Barrie’s family, and he is proud to say that he follows in their footsteps.

Barrie remembers owning his first set of Tarot Cards as a teenager; using them to read for friends and family. Even now he believes those early experiments produced amazing and startling results.

He has supported the SNU since 2000, and been an active member since 2003, working alongside the education board of the SNU for many years. He has been organising and running his Paranormal events now for some years, including:

* Private and Group Mediumship Sittings
* Public Demonstrations
* Spiritual Development Workshop

Barrie believes in sharing his knowledge of the spirit world with others and regularly holds public talks and workshops at all levels to help others develop their abilities.

Here is a list of Barrie accolades and achievements:

Barrie regularly writes articles and experiences with some of the Top UK Spiritual and Paranormal Magazines, for example – Chat Its Fate and Fate and Fortune

He was Runner-Up in the Favourite Male Medium Category for the First Soul & Spirit reader awards 2009

Barrie is the winner of the 2008 Spiritual Connextions Awards – ”THE MOST POPULAR SPIRITUAL MALE 2008.”

In 2007 Barrie won the award for the ‘Best Up and Coming Medium 2007.’

This incredibly gifted medium has worked with many well-known names including:

The MOST HAUNTED Team – Karl Beattie, Yvette Fielding, Lesley Smith, Cath Howe, Stuart Torville and Ciaran O’Keeffe

Reverend Colin Fry – International Spiritualist Medium

Lesley Smith – Most Haunted Historian and Curator of Tutbury Castle

Richard Felix of Derby Gaol and historian of Most Haunted

Rob Dunger, Nick Pandolfi

BBC Radio Suffolk

Sue Marchant

BBC Radio Cambridge

Richard Spurr, Paul Robey, Amanda Bowman, Frances Finn & John Holmes

BBC Radio Nottingham

International Event.

In 2006, he was invited to attend an event for over 800 people in Buenos Aries for ‘The Presidents Organisation of the America’.

Barrie was permitted to visit the burial place of Eva Peron at the La Recoleta Cemetery.

Barrie’s other great passions are working and talking about Physical Mediumship, and the materialisation of spirit. Barrie just loves speaking and sharing Paranormal Stories and Ghostly Experiences.

Barrie John
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