The front page Community Listings are now active. First a question: Why is LizianShop included in the listings? The answer: The Ad is the best way for us to monitor traffic through Google Analytic.

Second question: Are the Community Links free?

The answer is:

“Yes, for the time being, the Ad’s will be without charge. Although, in the long term, the advertisements will be utilised to support LEN. As the traffic grows and the editorial becomes more time consuming, an assistant will inevitably be employed. The advertisement revenue from LEN will pay the assistants wages”.

The speed of growth of LEN is far beyond original expectations. Those of you who understand the ‘tipping-point’ concept understand there is a point where a site becomes ‘viral’. It is now inevitable LEN will break through and become an influential source of information for those seeking ways to become a Well Being.

The ‘engine-room’ of LEN is prepared for heightened traffic. Our nursery site where format and pages are tested has many surprises awaiting readers. Is the suggestion we are the tip of an iceberg? It does not take too much effort to figure out the answer.

So, how were the front page Community Members chosen?

They are Community Members who have most consistently shared our posts over the last twelve months. There are a few who were terrific sharers and then for some reason ran out of steam, they came close to being added, although we must remember consistency is very important. The parameters are sharing, commenting and regular interaction. Those who attained the highest shares and likes of our Facebook and Twitter posts are now on the front page of LEN.

Here are the highest twelve sharers: All consistently like, comment and share FaceBook and Twitter articles.

Heather Pedley
Brigitte Rix
Shirley McEvoy
Rick Paul
Kirstie Wood
Campbell Wallace
Carol Wallace
Emma Gowshall
Gill Moore
Jurga Proudlove
Dale Bannister
Tracy Beebe
John Richardson
Peter Wall

The list is influenced by Community Members were consistent ‘like’ clickers however their ‘share’ clicks were slightly less. We feel this is a good way to reward Community Members who share and promote their Well Being Shows and information about their fellow Community Members.

You may notice that Heather Pedley name cannot be found in The Community Links on the front page! Heather has her own pride of place in the sidebar of every article page. And the connection is to a well-hidden gem. It is Heather’s book ‘Through The Veil’ if you have spiritual beliefs or pursue seeds of thoughts within spiritual ideas, I’d recommend downloading and enjoying the ideas and concepts put forward. A review of the book is scheduled for the seventh of August’

Let us all say ‘Thank-You’ to all on the list, you make a difference to every Community Member involved with YOUR Well Being Shows. And Many thanks to those who did not quite make the list, your contribution is important to all of your fellow COmmunity Members.

See You Soon

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  1. A good piece. On a personal note, I receive LEN as an e mail before it appears on facebook. I always read, like and comment where appropriate. Because the facebook post replicates the email it had not occurred to me to like the facebook post too.

    • Not a great deal we can do to change this Garry. There are people who ‘like’ the article from ‘the post’ and the article then appears on their Facebook page. The organic reach is extended by this secondary share, unfortunately, we cannot know the extent of the second or third shares. Many thanks, Ian

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