Today’s interview is with the jewellery maker Elizabeth Stead. Elizabeth makes the highest quality jewellery using silver, precious stones and crystals. Her work is enjoyed by many customers. We know the best sign of satisfaction is when customers return, and Elisabeth has many customers who own many of her pieces.

Visit Elizabeth’s website and you’ll discover the depth and breadth of her beautiful work. It is easy to see she has a longterm association with the jewellery trade. Indeed, she worked in the retail aspect of the trade before branching out on her own.

The Interview:


Listeners gain a real ‘feel’ for Elizabeth’s integrity and business ethics during the short interview. All of us understand it is very important for Vistors to stay connected to Community Members ‘between’ shows. Our interviews give new Visitors an opportunity to learn about the people they will meet during their visit.

Many thanks for listening to the interview and have a look-see at Elizabeth’s website:

☞Elizabeth Stead Website

See You Soon

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  1. WHAT a delightful SURPRISE! Thanks to Ian’s Interview of artistic & skilled Elisabeth Stead, I looked up her website- and discovered she lives less than 3 miles from me in York!
    What a small world!

    Her gorgeous sparkling display is a free feast for the eyes… and I agree with the 3 words describing her work: Quality Elegance Refined – they say it all!
    I am sure Elisabeth will offer a warm welcome to Visitors attracted to her stand- and will provide them with great knowledge on precious stones and crystals.

    Am for me, I am looking forward to meeting my fellow York citizen Elisabeth very soon! 🙂 x

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