Talks List
Nottingham Trowell Well Being Show – 20 & 21 Oct 2018

Saturday 20 October  

11.00: Jenn & Paul – Divine I – Astrology

Beyond the Sun Sign

12.00 Carol Wallace – Crystal Carols

Crystals, choosing and using – including a demonstration of using pendulums

1.00 Paula North – Isagenix – solutions to transform lives!

Do you struggle with sleep, need more energy or need to lose a few lbs?  come and hear how Isagenix can help you. 

2.00 Craig Martin – Talismayic 

How talismans, amulets and charms can be used in modern times to aid healing, spiritual connection and meditation; their strengths, abilities and divine connection. 

3.00 Peter Wall – Innerlight Hypnosis

Peter dispels myths about hypnosis before a group Past Life Regression 

4.00 Di Wall – Counselling with Cartouche 

Ghosts, Ghouls and things that go bump in the night

Sunday 21 October 

11.00: Jean & Neil – Jean & Neil – Jeaneil Therapies 

Crystal healing – an introduction to how we use crystals for healing therapies

12.00 Teri Clayton – Pure Foods Fresh

The world’s most nutrient dense food – just landed in the UK – RAW! 

1.00 Jacqueline Seddon – JS Natural Therapies

Reiki –  Interactive talk &  demonstration of use for self healing and others 

2.00 Jurga Proudlove ~ doTERRA

Essential oils for health and wellness for you, your home and family

3.00 Peter Wall – Academy of Clinical Hypnosis

Hypnosis – what is hypnosis?  benefits of hypnosis for self help

4.00 Rick Paul – Spiritual Medium  

Rick talks about his journey, his work and concludes with messages

Sunday 21 October: 

3.00pm Carol Wallace ~ Crystal Carols

Crystal Workshop:  mini-workshop during which Carol will show you how to create crystal grids and how to balance the chakras using crystals – book your place with Carol at her stand. 

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  1. Great! I think I’ll move in the Trowell/Nottingham talk room and settle there for the weekend …so as not to miss a single of those talks.! 🙂

    They are all so intriguing, interesting and enlightening. LUCKY VISITORS!

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