The article is short and to the point: Here is the Lincolnshire promotion video: We know it has the greatest impact when used the week prior to the opening of the event: If you click on the dart at the top right of the video you can copy and past the video to your social media walls. If your desire is for a greater number of visitors to come to the shows: You need to share the event.

Hover over the dart at the top right of the video and SHARE IT!

Every article scheduled for the coming week is focussed on The Lincolnshire Well Being Show. You will discover how much work and effort has gone into promoting the events. It is up to The Community to follow the organisers lead to make this a spectacular event.

Do you wish to succeed? Then think carefully about the Well Being Show platform we have created. The LizianEvents News: LizianEvents Group: LizianEvents Web page: These are the fastest and most mobile platforms of any alternative event business. We provide information to Vistors on a daily basis. All The Community have to do is take advantage of this powerful and influential asset.

The intention is to saturate our Well Being Shows with Visitors. And we will achieve this objective. The key word is WE – When we are asked by potential Community Members ‘What is the footfall to your shows?’ the answer is ‘We do not know: it is up to The Community to determine the number of Visitors’. We charge less per stand than any other organiser and this is because we expect Community Members to share the information provided on the daily news and our Facebook Group. Sadly, some have failed to fulfil this obligation and we may have to address this in 2019 with changes to the structure of the promotional activity.

The question is this? Do you wish to continue to take chances with the perforation of new and untested shows or commit to an organiser who is committed to the future? It seems likely we will have to increase the venue number and coverage of our Well Being Shows to fulfil a thirst for events. This show marks the end of the second year of the three year plan for our Well Being Shows.

You can make it a real winner: Share the video NOW!

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