Today’s article features James Cook:

James is a fascinating young man who took himself from chronic illness to full health. During the interview, you will discover his journey from Crohn’s disease to complete fitness and well-being.

James Coulson Cook : LizianEvents : Lizian Events
James in Conversation with Chandu

During a visit to Australia James was introduced to a dietician who in turn introduced him to a product which transformed his life. During the Lincolnshire well-being show, James gave a talk which influenced many who attended. It was amazing to see how many people visited James at his stall afterwards; he’d struck a note with a large number of people. Including a longstanding friend of mine. She informed me: ‘A fascinating young man, his talk was informative, with plenty of evidence to support his product.’

Incidentally: James was so busy over the weekend with people talking to him about his product and story I found it almost impossible to record this interview with him. It was late afternoon on Sunday when the recording could finally be made!

Listen to the Interview:


It seems to me his product has a long way to go to the United Kingdom. And there is no doubt within my mind that James Will enjoy immense success with his product and helping people back to full health.

James is the epitome of the new members of the community who are joining the shows. We are seeing open-minded Health professionals choosing to work alongside people who offer ideas of the alternative therapist.

James Coulson Cook : LizianEvents : Lizian Events
James Coulson Cook

Whoever visited the Lincolnshire Well Being Show was left with no doubt about the strides which are being made by the Well Being Show Community. Many people have seen this landmark show as something they wish to become involved with: after the show, we received numerous Applications from new and varied Health professionals to join the community. 

It is evident The Community is creating a series of phenomenal Well Being Show’s. With people like James joining The Community’s ranks we see the shows expanding in a way which provides Visitors with an expansive catalogue of information which guides them to become Well Beings.

When we listen to the quality of the information offered by people like James: We realise that the Well Being Shows make a difference to peoples lives.

Go to James’s Website:

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