What Truth Mindfulness?

I watch the world around me with care. The lessons to be learned are found in social media, the press and high government. Not because the lessons are good. My learned wisdom is seen in the ineptitude of peoples actions and writings.

Before writing this essay I read and listened to the words and thoughts about changes the democratic core of this country. It is with sadness the conclusion must be, there is ahead of us a rift. A broken family, a feud which will take years to heal.

Politicians who are servants of the populous have become sinister and out of alignment with the electorate. Do they care for families needs, hopes and inspiration? They demonstrate ignorance and self-centered core values. Whatever offered is bait on the ballot paper square.

In a family, mine and your family, there will be rifts. Some are healed and some become divorced. There will be times of struggle, loss and inevitable unfairness. This is life, life is difficult and needs work to make it succeed.

During my daily tube commute, there are thoughts about enjoying the day. My hours become my monthly standing order. I own my home, so only two weeks of my work is used to pay my bills. All else is saved, and I have no need for the excess. Even so, I have fallen into the trap of working, sleeping, and returning to work. My weekend’s once relaxing are taken with neglected daily chores. You know about this situation, many of us follow the same routine.

On the journey: I consider the conversations of my work colleagues. it is sad that there is a rift. A rift caused by media and government fighting and acting like children. A shameful display of ignorance and self-centred actions. My meditations and prayers are centred on a country united, not one broken and fragmented. Realisations guide me to acceptance and silence. My thoughts are a feeling of positivity and brightness.

When I read or listen to someone say ‘we are broken, we are finished’. I ask” Are these words of fear?. What is there to fear? The acts and words of media and statesmen are proven to be wisps of smoke blown away by truth. And where is the evidence for the beliefs? Those who search with care can find none. And I am not writing about a present situation. I am writing about decades of misinforming of millions of people.

Not only politicians misinform, but it also looks like everyone from leaders of religion to managers cherry pick anything in the rule book. Change the selection for their need and distort to attain their needs. In a similar way there is a concern for people who profess to have answers to issues: and when examined for the qualification to do so: they are lacking. My father used to talk of barroom lawyers and millionaires, people who know all and have nothing. The problem (from my point of view) is people believe the misinformation, without question. Or is the truth, they would rather not seek the truth?

People seem to use the word mindfulness. I listen to a woman at a large event in London talk about mindfulness. I research what she had said because she spoke about her book seven times during the talk. The talk was a sales pitch. She should’ve been more mindful of her script.

When I listen to those who say ‘we are finished’. A woman who is a fake prophet. My manager distorting health and safety rules. A leader who distorts his words for the cross next to his name. I am reminded of the meaning of ‘mindfulness’.

Today: When you speak and offer your thoughts to others be mindful of what you reveal. Not only because many will nod their head in ‘disagreement’. But because inaccurate belief will become your illusion. Mindfulness is deep self-reflection which results in one caring about the best you can be during every moment life.

Before my present job on the apparent bottom rung of the supermarket stack. I was a woman on a city trading floor. (it paid for my home and made me secure for life). Not one of today’s colleagues knows of this old history.

When I listen to their beliefs about, currency, stocks, shares and international trade I could clarify their misconception. However, I am mindful they would resent the input from a shelf stacker! I am mindful that their ignorance is the power of those who control their lives.

Janine Love


  1. I assume that your oblique reference to politics relates to Brexit.

    If so, I think you are correct. It is a fundamental schism in outlook.

    The wounds will take decades to heal. It has smoked out world views and core beliefs which people do not normally discuss. Crucially, both sides continue to talk about the result of the vote as if it is fixed forever. It is not.All of us make decisions on the basis of the available evidence. We will not cross the road if an HGV is barrelling along at 50mph. Thirty seconds later when it has passed, we will.

    The fundamental flaw in Brexit is the failure to offer a realistic template of the future. That has engendered anger, an anger which will grow for some time.

    There are some life lessons here.

    Questions are the answer. You can never ask enough questions. I spoke to someone recently who had posted about a series of events in their life which I felt unlikely. When I had a chance to speak to them, I just asked questions, the truth came out surprisingly quickly.

    Bevan declared ,“This is my truth, tell me yours”. All of us make decisions on the basis of the available information. In my example above, a road unsafe to cross at one moment, is safe to cross on another. What is the basis upon which someone declares a truth?

    The cleverest people I know tell me what they don’t know- not what they do. In so doing they reveal the rigour of their decision making. The most powerful word in the English language is “why?”

    Mindfulness to me is about being at peace with myself, and the world, a quality which I believe in passionately. I also believe in Kipling’s short poem:
    I KEEP six honest serving-men
    (They taught me all I knew);
    Their names are What and Why and When
    And How and Where and Who.

    When making a decision, never do so on the basis of what something is not, only on what it is. If someone tried to sell us a car on the basis that it wasn’t diesel, didn’t have a sunroof, was cheap to run, and wasn’t a 1.3ltr engine, any reasonable person would ask – but tell me what the new car IS.

    Your final point is profound. Ignorance is indeed what those who seek to govern thrive upon.

    • I liked Janine’s simplicity Gary. I was in two minds to pubilsh it as LEN is not the palce for political articles. However, the message “Mindfulness is deep self-reflection which results in one caring about the best you can be (at) every moment life” worked for me. Thanks for your reply my friend – Ian

  2. Looking at this article I am not a man of great intellect but I roll this sort of thing around in my head a lot of the time, this article shows me what my thoughts would look like if I could attach the necessary words to them and get it into print. Excellent article and thanks for posting.

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