Book Review – Some weeks ago John Richardson sent me a manuscript for a new book. I loved it and so will anyone who enjoys the ‘spirit world’! At the Mansfield MBS show John and I recorded a short interview about the writings of Ida Pimm.

The Short Recording:


John asked me if I would write a preface to the book. I publish it in this article because it explains the whole concept:


When John asked me to read through the original manuscript of his book about Ida Pimm’s writing. I had no idea what to expect. As I read past his introduction, I soon realised this is a unique, exciting book.

John had the manuscript ‘proofread’ although he warned me his instructions to the proofreader was to keep the essence of the work untouched. As you read through the book take your time. Remember, Ida’s words are as she put them to paper. I like the ‘feel’ of the writing: once past the first few paragraphs, there is a real connection to this insightful lady.

For anyone who has an interest in ‘mediumistic’ work, this book is a treasure trove of information. Ida takes the reader on a journey of exploration and learning. From my perspective, the simplicity of the lessons have more impact than the complex explanation of the spirit world, and it’s inhabitants provided by other authors.

Of course, there will be information the reader will already know. And there will be areas which may not fit with present practices. Don’t let this stop you from testing Ida’s teaching: The probability is, there is much to be learned from her years of mediumistic experience.

Many of us remember the ‘old school’ mediums of childhood. How different the world is today. The old ways are most often lost forever, so it is excellent that Ida chose to write about her work and methods. There is much to learn from this short manuscript.

It is evident she loved her work and connecting to the ’spirit world’. Her message is the spirit world is a safe place to connect to and enjoy. There is a reference to imagined dangers. She writes; people’s fears are manifest by inaccurate thoughts; often instilled by the imagination of the ignorant. Ida writes about certain methods of protection from ‘misguided spirits’. Interestingly she writes about how to protect from the negative influence of living people. Do not be surprised if you begin to like Ida very much indeed.

I wondered how long Ida took to write the teachings and I asked about her voice and home. During a conversation with John, he told me about her home and the way she lived. It seemed strange that he confirmed the images formed in my mind as I read the pages. Is it possible her spirit connected to me during my reading of her words?

This is a great book. Yes! It takes a little time to follow and all credit to John for keeping the words as original as possible. Honing every sentence and paragraph would lose the essence of Ida’s teaching.

I’m confident those who seek information about the ’spirit world’ will find this book of great interest. With this in mind: We must thank John Richardson for taking the time and spending the money to make this book available. I’m sure you’ll enjoy meeting Ida. I know my time with her was fascinating.

Ian Timothy – April 2019

The book will be available from mid May 2019

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