Monday Review Newstead Abbey Well Being Show – We all knew this show would be challenging to make work. The logistics of organising a Well Being Show at Newstead would hold many pitfalls. Everyone arriving at the show either has to drive or walk the near mile distance to get to the house.

The layout of the cloisters and orangery mean tight spaces. Lack of power points which meant limited lighting and barred the use of recording equipment. And then there is the no-food or drink in the building restriction. Smokers cannot smoke in the house of grounds. These limitations add up to Newstead being the most difficult of all show venues. The no food and drink policy was difficult, and almost all the Community respected the Newstead policy on this area. Unfortunately, there were some who choose to ignore the rule and I ask them NOT to book at any future Well Being Shows.

One area which caused immense difficulties was the unloading on Saturday Morning. We changed the format of the car situation and wow what a difference. Everyone was packed up and away very swiftly on Sunday evening. Well done Community you really turned this issue around. We left Newstead at six twenty-five all finished. Most Community Members were out of the building by five-forty-five.

Liz and I felt it was important for everyone involved in this show to be under NO illusions. It would be a tough nut to crack, and everyone would have to work hard to promote the show. Secondly, we realised the negative aspects of the show would have to be reinforced over weeks, not days.


The Community felt Newstead was worthy of support, and the stands were sold out in less than three days. And even though we continued to spell out the limitations, the waiting list grew. We could have filled the venue three times over. In truth, I felt expectations were too high. The show was untested, and few people had seen the interior of the trading area.

My feeling was we must not count regular house Visitors who come to Newstead as potential Well Being Show attendees. Yes, there was a possibility they would enter the show. However, there was no counting on this aspect as a contribution to the success of the event. To do so would be an error of judgement. 

Liz and I have always resisted organising a ‘free entry’ show. We had free pre-book tickets at Trowell and Market Rasen. But these shows also had one pound on the day entry fee. The reason being the one pound deterred casual or non-interested people from entering. But we had to give this first show every opportunity to succeed. Therefore, the free entry option was chosen. We decided to run the show at break-even or even a slight loss, to build the show and its following.

We have been asked many times how the show would work. And every time the answer was “We have no idea”. The success of Trowell demonstrated small shows, in out of town villages can work. We proved small shows could enjoy an immense, or in the case of Trowell an almost ‘cult’ following. The question was, could we achieve this at Newstead?

Liz and I believe this Newstead Well Being Show was an exceptional success. The footfall was good for a first show. And overall the feedback from Visitors was fantastic. All attending Community Members should be proud of the achievements attained this weekend. Of course, some faired well and others have endured a difficult weekend. I acknowledge this aspect of every show and will work to help those who have not covered costs or shown a profit.

None of us is under any illusion; there is a long way to go, to make this show sing. However, I am now sure this event could attain the same status as Nottingham-Trowell: if we stay with the show. Everyone involved can be proud of the seeds sown during the weekend of 31 August and 1 September 2019. Liz and I know this show has legs and could be turned into a fantastic show. The potential for making the show a rock-solid weekend of Well Being Happiness is there for the taking. However, we need to take stock of the many changes needed to improve Visitor logistics.

Was the show a success? The answer has to be: Yes. Without a doubt, those who attended loved the Community and talks. This recognition means the seeds of future success are sown, and there could be a harvest in the future if we choose to stay with the show: much now rests with Newstead staff’s opinion of the show and Rachel’s opinion after reading Liz’s appraisal.

Special thanks must be given to all the staff at Newstead; they went beyond all expectations to help make this show work. They made every concession to support the Community and the smooth running of the event. And Liz takes this opportunity to thank Rachel for her faith in the LizianEvents organisation.

So what are the final attendance figures?
Saturday – 365
Sunday – 343
Total – 708

These figures are worthy of celebration:
In truth they are amazing: There is nothing more to write.

Finally, here is the role of honour — the Community who choose to take a chance with the new and very testing show. You have yet again demonstrated the power of working together. As I watched the weekend unfold and walked the show, talk rooms and grounds. The feeling of Well Being was present in the atmosphere. We should not doubt the future of the Well Being Shows. You are leaving indelible and great memories with both new and returning Visitors.

Well Done Community

Attending Community 31 August + 1 September

Alie Rees – Ceramics
Alie produces the most exquisite ceramics. If you have which to own a truly unique and beautiful piece which will become a source of please for many years to come: look no further than Alie’s stall. She will have an excellent range of stock at the show and her prices are very fair and competitive.

Aloe Vera  Store – Forever Living Products
Sue and Christina will be presenting the World Class range of Forever Living Aloe Vera Products. It is no surprise the brand is numbering in the World the quality and back-up are second to none. Forever Living offers brilliant opportunities for entrepreneurs looking for a second or full-time income. Talk to either Sue or Christina about the products and franchise this weekend.

Angela Barker Tarot
We have known Angela for many years. She is a lovely lady with amazing talent. Angela first worked as a community Member at the Trowell Well Being Show and last year she attended the Lincolnshire Well Being Show. During the event, Angela read Tarot for many Visitors and was rewarded with five-star feedback. Angela’s readings are insightful, clear and accurate: no wonder she has such a loyal following.

Aura Fusion
If your desire is for an Aura photograph, talk to Angela and Nigel. They have tens of years of experience in aura photography. Aura Fusion is the UK ‘s leading Aura Specialists. They aim to allow everyone to see their aura. Angela and Nigel are dedicated to spreading knowledge of the significance of the aura: and its relevance in everyday life. Not only will you enjoy a superb aura experience, but you will also find a wealth of knowledge and understand as the meaning of the image is explained. Our recommendation is to have at least one aura image photograph each year. Building an ongoing record of changes to your aura allows you to reference your feelings at the time the image is taken.

Barrie John Medium
Barrie is one of the UK’s leading psychic mediums. He is often on television and contributes to radio shows offering a spiritual opinion, paranormal activity and opinions related to his work. Barrie runs Psychic Investigations at The National Justice Museum in Nottingham. And is the number one medium for paranormal investigations in this country. Barrie has just returned from a short tour of Germany, and there is a European tour booked for this year. His reputation for giving clear and precise consultations is without question. It is not possible to have twenty plus years of experience giving reading and platform demonstrations without providing spectacular messages for clients. No wonder the demand for his gifts is continuous and country-wide. Visitors will discover he has time for everyone. Barrie is a credit to his profession and well-loved by all who work with him. To be generous and kind is the sign of spiritual awareness. Enjoy your reading with Barrie this weekend.

Campbell Wallace
A shining star! Everyone knows Campbell for his kindness, generosity. However, Campbell is on a mission to help people understand the importance of becoming an organ donor. Six years ago Campbell’s life was saved after a double lung transplant operation. Campbell will talk about his experience, and as a Donor Transplant Ambassador, he’ll explain why being on the National Donor Registry is of real importance. His book ‘Second Chance’ is also available during the show.

Crystal Carols
A show is not a show without Crystal Carol Wallace. She has been involved in the crystal world for over two decades. Her knowledge of crystals and minerals is second to none. When visiting her stall, you will discover a superb range of crystals to purchase. However, Carol’s advise is also part of the sale! As Europe’s number one Melody Practitioner and trainer Carol can offer unique insights into the user’s of Mother Earth’s gifts.

Crystal Clear Reiki Healing
Amanda is a Reiki Therapist: She is one of the few Reiki therapists to practice her therapy with the client sitting, instead of laying on a couch.  Try a Reiki session with Amanda, sit down, relax and enjoy the benefits of a reiki therapy treatment.  Amanda’s reiki training was taken with Stuart Kerry at the well established Nottingham Reiki Group, you are therefore assured of the highest standard of reiki care.

Dance of Life (Zhong Ding) – Tai Ji and Qi Gong demonstrations and workshops
Don and Carol Harradine are great people to know and work with, their knowledge and wisdom of the martial arts are incredible. Visitors will learn about the ancient techniques of Tai Ji, and Qi Gong are incredible disciplines which work with one’s body, mind and spiritual awakening. These arts have established the World over as powerful ways to discover inner peace. People find significant changes to their outlook of life after only a few weeks of learning about these amazing arts. Growth in confidence, the vitality of health and a deep inner calm are only part of the benefits. Why not enjoy or take part the demonstrations on the stage area during this Well Being Show?

Darren Stanton – Television’s Best-Loved psychologist
Darren has enjoyed a fantastic rise to success. He demonstrates hard work and dedication are crucial to success and prosperity. Darren is presenting talks about body language and lie section this weekend. His lectures are in demand with the UK and Europe’s biggest PLCs, medical and government institutions. He is a regular presenter on television and radio. An amazing man who can change the way you see life.

Elemental Balance – Bio-resonance and vibrational healing
Rachel is one of the hidden gems of The Well Being Show. Her system is the basis of a very interesting alternative therapy system. Safe and non-invasive a session will isolate areas where our body’s complex energy system is out of balance. Ian Timothy enjoyed a full session at a recent MBS show and his article published on LizianEvents News: He concluded Rachel’s work was an amazing experience and should not be missed.

Earth Tree Healing – Spiritual music composed and performed by Claudine West
Visitors to The Well Being Shows will enjoy listening to Claudine’s beautiful music. Claudine enjoys an immense following for her amazing music. She achieves tens of thousands of downloads for many of her beautiful tracks. The music varies from ‘new age’ to tranquil and mainstream. Not only will you listen to her work as background music to the show but also in four live performances.

Elizabeth Stead Ltd
Elizabeth Stead creates individual, hand made, necklaces, bracelets and earrings for women who understand their style. Each piece is designed and made with thought and care by Elizabeth herself in her Yorkshire studio. Inspired by the colours, shapes and textures of the semi-precious gemstones themselves, her designs are finished with sterling silver. Elizabeth creates exquisite jewellery of the highest quality. Her hand made pieces are produced to an exacting standard. There is a subtle difference between the production line and bespoke jewellery making. When purchasing a bracelet or necklace, it is essential to look closely at the quality of the components. Remember, the items must be well balanced, and comfortable to wear. The stones must be uniform and smooth to the skin. The colours must blend, and make the item stands out, without being ‘over the top’. Not only this: the colour match must mean the jewellery can be worn on different occasions, with different clothes. These are the design requirements! Which must be balanced with the need for the item to last for tens of years of ownership. Elizabeth’s designs meet and exceed all of these criteria. Beautiful, superb quality, and prestigious items.

Ethically Gifted
Kirstie Wood is one of the hardest working people I know. She is dedicated to finding the best quality ethical goods and products available. Kirstie searches the World for items which have an ethical signature But do not think she will compromise quality for the price. Her stock is often unique, well priced and of the most exceptional quality. Kirstie also runs a busy shop and internet business so you can be assured of customer service.

Feel Better Fast
John is a busy man! You’ll find him most weekends travelling to every corner of the country attending shows and events. He is an acknowledged expert in Past Life Regression and enjoys a phenomenal reputation as a spiritual healer. During the show, he’ll be giving spiritual consultations. And talking about his new ‘Past Life Regression Cards’. It is John’s intention to bring all aspects of Well Being too as many people as possible. Visitors cannot fail to enjoy a conversation with John. If you have an interest in Hypnotherapy, he runs this country’s leading online course. Students attain an internationally recognised accreditation with one of the oldest running training bodies. There is plenty to talk about at John’s stall this weekend.

Gill Moore Spiritual Healer
Everyone and I mean every one of The Community loves Gill. Her kindness and giving evidence of her spiritual values and beliefs. I know she will not mind if I comment “Gill is a traditional healer of the old school” and all the better for this attribute. She would not thank me for writing how many years she has worked as a healer, but I know this, her long career proves her ability. Sit with Gill enjoy the sublime moment of healing happiness.

Henry’s Health Hub
James Coulson Cook is a fascinating man. His determination bought him back to health from a life-threatening disease. James presented a talk during the Lincoln Well Being Show which achieved sparkling feed-back. I cannot remember a conversation which received so many after-show requests. His knowledge of the parasites and toxins which damage our bodies is where the answer to health and repair begins. He is here to help you with your questions. Julie Cook will be looking after the stand this weekend.

Paula will introduce Visitors to a superb health product. The Isagenix range has a Worldwide reputation for quality and effectiveness. If you have a need to lose weight and keep it off, talk to Paula and her team. They will provide evidence of the effectiveness of the Isagenix. The increasing number of agents must be seen as rock-solid evidence of Isagenix’s effectiveness. Talk to the team during the show and sample there revitalising orange drink: It is brilliant!

Iza Moon – Songstress – Poet and Story-Teller
Everyone loves Iza! I had to think carefully about leaving this introduction on the page. So I asked some of our friends for their opinion. There is no one who did not begin with ‘She’s lovely, or I love Iza’ Meet her, and you’ll come to the same conclusion. Iza is a wonderful and unique person: an individual who holds kindness within her Being. While talking to Iza, you sense her soul, a spiritual lady who lives her beliefs. This is not only my opinion; these are the sentiments of my friends: During Iza’s performances, the audience enjoys lessons of truth, honesty and love. Most will leave with a life long memory of the experience: We love Iza’a work, and her songs are chosen as background music for the show. Visitors can purchase Iza’s CDs from her stall. Incidentally, the recording is brilliant ‘before sleep’ meditations.

Jeaniel Theapies
Jean and Neil are experienced and highly qualified therapists: Here is information from their website: As an experienced Holistic Therapist I provide treatments that can help combat these symptoms and love it when people leave the sessions feeling better. Skilled in Customer Service, Reflexology, Reiki, Crystal Therapy.

JS Natural Therapies
Jacqueline is an experienced and highly trained healer and therapist. Her work not only involves therapy Jacqueline enjoys teaching and training. During this weekend Visitors can experience Reflexology and Reiki, and if you want to know about The Balance Procedure, Jacqueline will have the answers to your questions.

MacMillan Information and Support Services
Wonderful to have MacMillan at the show. You will be able to meet with their representative, who will guide you to the incredible work. The tireless work and kindness give to those who are on their final journey is amazing. be certain to spend some time at their stall.

Magnetix Wellness
Samantha showcases a range of jewellery and items for use within the home all containing powerful magnets.  Magnetic therapy is a well established and respected method of relieving pain and other ailments.  The amazing effects of magnetic therapy are well recorded and have gained millions of loyal followers worldwide.  Samantha will be happy to talk to you about the best ways to use Magnetix products for your health benefits.

What can we say about Mel and Pat? They stock the most extensive array of silver jewellery imaginable. The quality of silver settings of the gemstones and crystals cannot be questioned. Everything from a five-pound token to hundred-pound statement piece. Mel and Pat will advise on the right stone or crystal for your needs. We are always grateful Mel and Pat travel so far to the smallest of our shows to benefit the Visitors. Try and catch them without a smile on their faces!

Mystical Messengers – Orgone and Orgonite shapes for your home
A vast and interesting range of beautiful organ and Orgonite products. Visitors are guided to review this fascinating stall. The products have a massive World-wide following and the principals of Orgonite has been known for decades. Well worth talking and learning about Orgonite.

Oraphim Miracle Molecule Shungite – Shungite & Shungite Jewellery for you and your home
Over the last few years, the properties of Shungite has excited the interest of tens of thousands of people worldwide. This is not a wild statement; a quick web search will demonstrate the accuracy of the claim. Oraphim has built a successful business specialising in this natural substance. Do not miss the opportunity to talk to Oraphim about the fantastic benefits of using and wearing Shungite.

Pam Shield
Pam is an exceptionally talented Spiritual Counsellor. During the shows, we receive fantastic feedback from her clients. Their tributes centre on Pam’s consistent mediumistic ability, accuracy and good approach. Pam is one of the most empathetic Spiritual Counsellors you could meet. It is always recommended to talk to all Spiritual Counsellors before a reading. And this is something Pam enjoys before a consultation. Being able to connect to your Spiritual Counsellor is an essential factor to consider. Remember, you are trusting them to provide crucial messages and guidance. You will find Pam more than capable of delivering both

Rick Paul
Rick Paul is determined to give his clients the very best of readings. He strives for excellence and clarity. During the consultation, it is impossible to sense an atom of ego. Rick is 101% focussed on his client’s needs. Ask him what he does he’ll answer “I am a medium connected to spirit” Ask him how he works, and he’ll answer “I work with spirit to help my clients. It is important for me to set the highest of standards, standards my clients should expect.”It is no surprise Rick is enjoying the rewards of his hard work and building a significant following. And do not forget, if you need advice about waistcoats Rick is your man!

Sanctuary Reflexology
Chandu is a Qualified VTEC Reflexologist and Indian Head Masseur. He travels from York to be with us this weekend. Chandu has a beautiful calm and peaceful nature and he’ll be providing our Visitors with a sublime massage. Chandu has a large and loyal following of clients who come to events, especially to have their bodies soothed and relaxed.

Sense the Senses – Organic and ethically sources incense, oils, candles, room fragrance
The home and one’s environment is enhanced by beautiful aromas. Never underestimate the potential of the ability for the sense of smell to affect the ability to find real peace and calm. There are many sources of information which propose different fragrances in each room can produce incredible changes in attitude and focus. Sense the Sense have a vast range of products combined with extensive knowledge. Enhance your world with beautiful fragrance.

Soul Sisters
Sharon and Amanda travel to The Far East to select the stock you’ll see on their Stall. Not only will you find a vast selection of unusual gifts: You will discover their prices are fair. It is a reflection on Sharon’s and Amanda’s business ethics. We are finding more people are beginning to follow their business practice. One of running an ethical business where the stock is sourced directly and sold at a fair price. Incidentally, during an interview with Amanda last year, she tells me that it is essential for her to pay a reasonable price to her suppliers. This fairness means she pays the cost relevant to selling price, which is often more than the price asked by the supplier! Now that is fair trade.

Tamra and Paul have worked together for over five years. Both are fully qualified professional masseurs and Reiki Masters. They are also qualified in other holistic healing practices, ear candling being one of their other qualifications. Many Visitors enjoy a session with both Tam and Paul during a show! I’m not surprised they have so many regular and faithful clients. Visitors will find them friendly and welcoming, and they will advise you on the most suitable therapy for your aches and pains.

The Therapy Training Academy
Richard is the leading light of this respected and growing training academy. This weekend he’ll be talking about and giving demonstrations of the Emotional Freedom Technique. He will, of course, be talking about the Group, its progress and purpose. The shows are about Well Being, health and peace. Richard hold the values of his work in his very being. Richard’s ethos is fantastic: this is a NOT FOR PROFIT organisation dedicated to raising funds for the Marie Curie Organisation.

The Witch’s Heart
Eleanor says: “This business is a heart and soul project for me. I wanted to find handmade pieces and tools for ‘the craft’ at affordable prices. I couldn’t do so: so, I began to make my own” and her words provide an insight into the quality and purpose of the product available. Anyone who has an interest in ‘the craft’ will find something of interest here. Eleanor is approachable, kind and engaging, be sure to meet with her over the weekend.

Woodland Trust
We have been supporters of The Woodland Trust for many years. The connection between health, happiness and wellbeing and nature is indisputable. By joining the Woodland Trust, you make a real and long-lasting contribution to this country’s natural heritage. It is essential to understand the impact woodland and forests have on the wildlife population. Most of our wild animals depend on the woodland infrastructure; without it, we will lose the UK’s most valuable asset. We must learn to understand the woodland and forests ecological system and The Woodland Trust is here to accomplish this worthy mission.

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