Book Review:
Start Your Own Country by Richard Abbot

Part One: – Before reading the review readers are guided to know Richard is a good and long term friend. There will be a few who will incorrectly shout ‘Bias’. You are asked to accept that although the review is indeed enthusiastic. It is a fair and realistic appraisal.

Richard Abbot. LizianEvents. Lizian Events. Wellbeing Well Being
Richard Abbot. Start Your Own Country

Richard emailed informing me he was sending a copy of his new book. Until it arrived, I watched the post like a child on Christmas morning. Richards book ‘Great Britain? The Secret Destiny of the British and Their Isles’ is one of my favourites. It is a bedside table book and has travelled the world with me. Over the last few years, it has been a source of insight and thought provocation.

When reading Richards books or essays, you discover his writing is laser straight and firework enlightening. He’ll push you to new avenues of progressive ideas. He’ll force you down the dark alleys of your unconscious mind. He’ll ask you to consider the problematic issues of our world and environment. No, not the environment and recycled ideas of the many: The reader discovers new viewpoints from a ‘higher’ level. The thinking is a web of ancient practice and modern methods of thought. You have to read his work to know the uniqueness of his opinion.

Do not get me wrong: I’m not worshipping in the Temple of Richard. I am extolling the writing ability of a superb author. The way the words flow and the choice of vocabulary means the reader will grasp the sentiments of his work without difficulty. This is one of the biggest problems facing any writer. 

Incidentally: All budding writers should consider the reader must understand their words. In other words: although ‘they’ may know the sentiments of their words, will the reader grasp the information or story? 

‘Start Your Own Country’ is small: only seventy pages in length. It cries out for annotation and rereading. The first read can be accomplished in two hours. My pencil marked up twenty-two significant passages and eight important paragraphs were ‘tabbed’ in the first reading. No doubt the book could have been three or four times the page count. It takes a brave writer to publish a small book. They are as expensive to print as a 300-page book, and the physical size often limits the possibility of a sale. Therefore, every page must count, and the book has to excel. Let’s see if Richard accomplishes the most challenging task.

Richard Abbot. LizianEvents. Lizian Events. Wellbeing Well Being
Richard Abbot. Start Your Own Country

Richard writes about ‘Caesar’. Not the ruler of the capitalist system. This Caesar could be considered as a group or as a spokesperson for a group. He is genuine and paradoxically does not exist! Be careful; this is no micro-tome of conspiracy, Richard is far more advanced a thinker for that nonsense. An astute reader will know the sentiments of the first stage of the book. The author expands the depth of Caesar’s integration into our lives. And Richard suggests how’s, why’s and ways of the central subject.

This reviewer has a deep understanding of the sentiments of the book. Many of the ideas reflect personal and longstanding beliefs and so will other readers. Some, no many, will shy away from the simple truth or guidance. If there is a feeling of helplessness, all is good: your eyes can still see, and your mind is open and receptive to possibility.

During the early 1950’s C.J Jung wrote of the coming worship of scientist, academic, politician and celebrity: Richard reinforces the great mans’ prophecies:

He makes astute observations regarding education: business management: health care and other mainstays of society. Readers may reel at the stark truth of the inference and implication of the sentiments. As you read the book the reality that ‘the establishment’ controls the ‘rules of engagement’s’ is proven. The dark clouds of Caesar’s influence become accepted. Richard infers the addiction for knowledge leaves a craving greater than and as pointless as heroin. And the need is used to best advantage by Caesar!

After being introduced to the many faces of Caesar the reader learns about ‘The Games Caesar Plays’.A chapter of three pages: and one worthy of deep meditation and contemplation. The uninitiated will find these pages uncomfortable reading. Paragraph five, page eighteen could become a meditation for millions of people. What does it say? A basic premise is: ‘whatever you believe, whatever side you take, or even having no opinion at all, makes no difference to the desire of Caesar!

Now the reader is asked to consider Caesars Domain:

In this chapter, the reader meets with Caesar’s theatre of influence. The fifteen paragraphs of thought are of course references to your world and domain. Here you will need to take your time. I can read this chapter in less than five minutes: for the uninitiated, there is a lifetime of wisdom for them to learn.

Leaving Caesar:

Now the book becomes somewhat esoteric. My feeling is that this chapter marks a no man’s land where the reader is at a point of mental evolution. There will be many readers who will have grasped the book from the third or fourth page. Many fining it a reinforcement of personal beliefs. Others will find the book as given them a clear picture of ideas and thoughts which have veneered their minds for decades.

It is the power of the book. It opens closed caverns of inner-knowledge. In this chapter ‘Leaving Caesar – The Transitional Period’ paragraph nine is the pivot and one which opens the doors of enlightenment. Indeed the first reference to the nineteenth mystery of Tarot.

Paragraph nineteen (the last of this section) is a key which opens the gates of understanding of how ancient wisdom and understanding become knowledge. This knowledge can transform the possibilities open to us from Caesars will to oversee the life path: to: becoming a free spirit within the parameters of Caesar’s influence.

Declaring Independence:

In this section, Richard sets the case for living as an individualist. Now: the review takes on a different tone. There is less information about the contents of this sparkling diamond of a thesis: Thesis? I believe so: Richard is putting forward a premise which asks to be proven by the reader. As with all books which reveal a powerful method for finding success, it is written to guide the way; it is a map, not a destination.

Be aware the book is a garden which allows the mind to cultivate high trees of wisdom. A reader brave enough to climb to the top of the tree will see horizons beyond material, intellectual and emotional reward. 

Richard Abbot. LizianEvents. Lizian Events. Wellbeing Well Being
Richard Abbot. Start Your Own Country

Final Chapter of Part One:

Living Free:

Here we find twenty-one paragraphs. A suggestion is the twenty-one paragraphs could be the basis for a set of rules or guides. Knowing Richard: he would baulk against this suggestion. Indeed, the book guides one to discover independence under the jurisdiction of Caesar! No easy task: 


Here I am reminded of Felix Dennis’s premise that to become a multi-millionaire (Felix was a billionaire) one must conform to the rules of government and tax collectors. He (Felix) maintained it is easier to earn money than it is to evade tax. Dennis’s suggestion is those who resent the burdens and levy’s of government can never see beyond the ‘self’.


Consider the twenty-one paragraphs with care. Without a good understanding of the meanings to each, one many lose the reason for testing Richards ideas put forward in the second part of the book.

Here we conclude part one of the review. ‘Start Your Own Country’ by Richard Abbot

is a short book of incredible potential. It is a premise is to be tested. Richard brings the reader into a place of metal awareness when the reader is reminded of or offered certain truths. The reader is required to understand the concept of ‘Caesar’. A universal force created by people: which represents the people: and is every individual.

The concise nature of the book must not fool us. It is a brilliant take on ancient wisdom. Anyone who owns the book can only learn from its content. The first part of the book will ‘stand alone’ as a great source of advanced thinking. 

Part Two Tomorrow:

Price for the book is £7.99 plus postage;

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