Start Your Own Country by Richard Abbot – Part Two: Before reading the review readers are guided to know Richard is a good and long term friend. There will be a few who will incorrectly shout ‘Bias’. You are asked to accept that although the review is indeed enthusiastic. It is a fair and realistic appraisal.

The book is in two parts: the first part will work well for anyone with an intelligent and open mind. Use the short chapter as seeds of meditation and thought. From my perspective, many of Richards thoughts resonated with the way I see society. 

Some people will find the ideas enlightening. No doubting others will reel away from the significance of ‘Caesar’. It would be easy to comment: ‘Yes! but what can I do to change Caesar’s influence?’ The answer is in part two.

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Richard Abbot. Start Your Own Country

The Sun:

The second part is a meditation and ritual. And this is the reason the review asks the reader to consider part one as an essential life lesson. Nothing will dissolve the masterful writing and way of considering ‘Caesar’.Read with care: Richards words provides the reader with endless ways of reviewing their world and environment. 

In the first reading: consider scanning through part two as fast as possible. There are less than twenty-three pages. It should take around half an hour. Put the book down and consider the significance of the information.

I’m aware it is essential not to reveal the specific content held in the twenty-three pages. I like the way Richard has chosen to provide an old and straightforward occult ritual for the reader to follow. The word occult means ‘secret’: it is not an inference to dark arts or worship of non-existent entities. A systematic approach to the meditations will bring excellent results. 

Part one of the review offers the paradox that an understanding of Caesar diminishes its power to control. The ritual’s and meditations of part two are significant to people with awareness or are open to the possibilities of the ‘mysteries’. It is interesting the book is centred on individualism: and Richard has ensured the rituals and mediations can be used alone. If followed with care, there is every reason to see a significant benefit over the long term. 

Do not be put off buying this gem of a book because of a reference to occult. Just exchange the occult for secret! Anyone who meets Richard will know him to be a straight forward character. His personality is evidence of clear reasoning and intelligence. He is also a mathematician and math is the key to all puzzles. Do not think he’d pen a book if the intention were to cause chaos for the reader.


This little book is worth every penny of the £7.99 plus postage. Anyone who wishes to consider their environment in an open-minded and expansive way will enjoy the read. Richard is a masterful wordsmith, and his Caesar creation is a reflection on his expressive ability. 

Take possession of the book, use pencil, transparent markers to reference important or relevant sections. Paraphrase the ideas and make them work for you and your future. The meditations and rituals are worthy and enjoyable. 

Richard Abbot has written a masterpiece. Anyone desirous of a life of relative freedom will do well to own ‘Start Your Own Country’. If it’s in your bag, or on your desk, it is a sign of individualism. There are paragraphs and phrases within the pages which open the mind to ways to accept and work with the barriers built by Caesar.

What you’ll find interesting is the book can be interpreted in a thousand ways. Your way! It takes you into a way of thinking about ‘Caesar’. It is a paradox: A force of control and at the same time the road to freedom and security. 

Those who demonstrate and shout ‘Injustice’ are Caesar’s puppets. Those who follow Caesar are puppets. Those who understand Caesar are under its influence and at the same time free of Caesar’s desire. Buy the book, and you’ll understand this final statement.

Richard Abbot – You are a genius.

Ian Timothy

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