Could I be A Spiritual Medium?
I am Asked This Question Many Times
The Answer is YES!

Simon Goodfellow: LizianEvents: Lizian Events: Wellbeing: Well Being

Simon Goodfellow: LizianEvents: Lizian Events: Wellbeing: Well Being

“My Own Spiritual Journey started over 19 years ago and to be quite honest this was not a Path I wanted nor expected to follow”

It all begin with Crystal Healing, I was living in Spain at the time running a very successful cafe bar…

I’m the type of person who always likes a new challenge and new experience. This lead me to research Crystal Healing, I quickly found out that if this was something I wanted. I would have to travel to the UK because this was not something which was available in Spain.

Once I had completed the Crystal  Healing course I returned to Spain & set up my own treatment room. This quickly became a success and I started to change in quite a big way. As well as the Healing I started to receive bits of messages, but from who & where I asked?

So I sought spiritual guidance from a local medium in Spain, His first words were “Why are You not doing Mediumship?” This statement was something of a surprise and not really the path I thought I had chosen. A few weeks went by before my mind started working overtime, was the medium right, could I do Mediumship?

So I started to research Mediumship Development & enrolled on a course back in the Uk.

I can honestly say this was the turning point. Returning to Spain and after a lot of practice, my first evening of Mediumship was organised for my little bar. My Spiritual Journey then went from Strength to strength, working both in Spain & the UK.

Fast forward seven years and I am working as a professional medium. My spirit guides kept telling me I should be guiding and helping people develop their own Spiritual & Psychic Skills. My first thoughts were “No chance Not Me I’m not ready”

Spirit continued to guide me, so eventually I listened, I set up my first Development workshop being guided every step of the way by my spirit guides. That was 12 years ago, I’ve always be passionate about my Spiritual Journey, my strong ethics & the ethos which I abide too.
Looking back now at all the students who I’ve trained and are still training the transition from complete novice to professional Mediums is astonishing.

Simon Goodfellow: LizianEvents: Lizian Events: Wellbeing: Well Being
The words of one past student always ring Clear in my head every time I start a new class of beginners she said “Simon I must tell you, I’ve been attending various workshops over the past 30 years and I can honestly say I’ve learnt so much on your Mechanics Of Mediumship Workshop than any other” she went on to say that the amount of money she felt she wasted over that time & wished she had joined my Development workshop years before.

In 2014 while on holiday I received another message from my spirit guides about a new approach a new way of teaching combining 3 of the four levels of spiritual & psychic development workshops into 5 consecutive days.

Wow! I thought this would be a lot for people to understand!

My Spirit guides again took control and the Voyage Of Complete Spiritual & Psychic Enlightenment Workshop was born. This workshop is ideally for people with little or no experience & Complete novices to learn, build confidence, trust from start to a professional level in 5 days.

Not possible I hear you say?

Well, the results speak for themselves with over 45 Past Students now working Professionally, I thank my Spirit guides every day for leading me down this path.

Simon Goodfellow: LizianEvents: Lizian Events: Wellbeing: Well Being




  1. Yes,YOU can UNFOLD your hidden GIFTS! Simon Goodfellow​ is a genuine medium & a great sympathetic teacher. You are ‘in safe hands’ as he guides you to progress during his courses. Go on! Surprise yourself. You’ll not regret it 🙂

  2. The man who showed me the light, so grateful for the courses I did with him. I highly recommend Simon and his pointy shoes to draw out anything within the potential new starter, have a go you won’t regret it.

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