The countdown begins to the Lincolnshire Well Being Show and we will be listing attending Community Members on a daily basis. If you are attending this show: make it known to as many people as possible by clicking the links found at the top and bottom of this article. It only takes a second to share a whole weekend of Well Being experience. See You There:

Ethically Gifted

Kirstie Wood is one of the hardest working people I know. She is dedicated to finding the best quality ethical goods and products available. Kirstie searches the World for items which have an ethical signature But do not think she will compromise quality for the price. Her stock is often unique, well priced and of the most exceptional quality. Kirstie also runs a busy shop and internet business so you can be assured of customer service.

Feel Better Fast

John is a busy man! You’ll find him most weekends travelling to every corner of the Country attending shows and events. He is an acknowledged expert in Past Life Regression and enjoys a phenomenal reputation as a spiritual healer. During the show, he’ll be giving spiritual consultations. And talking about his new ‘Past Life Regression Cards’. It is John’s intention to bring all aspects of Well Being to as many people as possible. Visitors cannot fail to enjoy a conversation with John. If you have an interest in Hypnotherapy, he runs this country’s leading online course. Students attain an internationally recognised accreditation with one of the oldest running training bodies. There is plenty to talk about at John’s stall this weekend.

Fenix Flames – hand made candles, herbs, oils, Pagan & Wiccan items

If you love the best quality handcrafted Pagan and Wiccan goods Angela Barker’s Fenix Flames will fulfil your every wish. Years of knowledge and exacting attention to detail are key reasons for the success and customer loyalty Angela’s Fenix Flames deservedly enjoys. Not only will you enjoy an interesting display of products you can learn about Pagan and Wiccan ideas from  Angela who is a fascinating and respected member of The Community.

Gentle Release Therapy

Helen’s therapy is already known to us, and we feel she is going to be a popular addition to The Community. Her work follows its name heroes and explanation of the therapy:

A powerful yet gentle hands-on therapy. Which allows your body and mind to release tension and stress that you didn’t even know existed. You will enjoy a release of tension and stress to an extent never experienced before. So gentle is the effect you don’t need to know what you are releasing. Drawing on the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Every treatment is unique to the client allowing the body to release whatever causes the tensions and stress.

Don’t forget there will be sixty brilliant talks and presentations and two stage areas at the show. And this is a child-friendly show with a well being related activity area: Full details here ☞SHOW DETAILS

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