With one hundred Community Members attending and a combined eighty talks, mini-workshops and stage presentations this is going to be a sparkling Visitor experience. If you are attending this show: make it known to as many people as possible by clicking the links found at the top and bottom of this article. It only takes a second to share a whole weekend of Well Being experience – See You There 🙂 

Meology Therapies – Wire Wrapped crystal jewellery – each piece unique
Those of you who love crystals will love Meology Therapies wire wrapped silver. Whenever an article is made with integrity and the highest intent: it will represent not only beauty, the piece will also have a meaning and purpose. Reasonably priced and beautifully made items for a lifetime’s pleasure.

Michelle Whyatt Spiritual Medium – Tarot and Oracle Cards

Michelle comes to the shows with an excellent reputation for clarity and accuracy in her Spiritual consultations. With years of experience, Visitors will enjoy a super and enjoyable reading.

Mobile Reflexology – Holistic Treatments including Emmett Technique and Reflexology

We have known Miike Maguire for many years, and this is the first time he’ll be working with our Visitors. Mike is an amazing man and no doubt he’ll find many new friends at The Well Being Shows. No one can work as many years a Mike without being a brilliant therapist. His specialisation is The Emmett Technique, which is an understanding of the body’s response to light touch. If you desire a gentle and fantastic treatment, talk to Mike. Highly recommended.

Moonlit Pathways Books

Annie always brings varied and up to date range of books to The Well Being Shows. Annie has complete knowledge of her stock carrying the latest and most popular titles for her customers. Not only does Annie stock book titles, But Visitors will also discover a super collection of Tarot, Angel and Oracle cards. And finally! There is always a shelf where incredible bargains can be purchased.

Don’t forget there will be eighty brilliant free talks and presentations. These will be presented in the first-floor talk rooms (lift available) and the two-stage areas. Remember this is a child-friendly show with a well being related activity area:

☞Show Details
☞Talks and Presentations

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