Doors Open – The Community Takes Possession – The Lincolnshire Well Being Show open’s its doors today: There is no more for us to do: This show’s success is now in the hands of The Community. There are one-hundred and seventy reasons to visit the show this weekend.

Over one-hundred Community Members and eighty talks, mini-workshops and stage presentations will make this show a superb Visitor experience. Many people will make this a two-day event and why not?

We have everything from meditations, to belly dancing workshops. One look at the Community list and talk schedule is the only reason to drive to the show. We cannot remember a better itinerary.

Great food, superb venue and a fantastic atmosphere what more could be asked? Remember, this is a LizianEvents organised show, and this means Visitors will leave with beautiful memories of their day or a whole weekends Well Being and Happiness.

Six facts about the Lincolnshire Well Being Show:

35000 flyers distributed
140 LEN Posts
100 thousand Social Media connections
Ten promotional Videos
900 Show Guides
All printed media Printed on Super Eco Paper

And another celebration today:
Today’s article is LizianEvents News Eight-hundredth post:
Well done Community

See You Over The Weekend

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